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How to Make a Wedding Wreath

Learn how to make a wedding wreath for almost nothing! This decoration rates very high on the "more bang for your buck" scale when it comes to wedding and reception decor. You can hang it on the door to a church or reception hall, or line them along a wall. Hang one around a tree in a courtyard. Make mini versions and hang on chairs. You can even lay it down on a table to frame your centerpiece. So very versatile and so very cheap and easy to make!

wedding wreath

So besides being cheap and easy to make, the other thing that wows me about making this wedding wreath is how quickly customizable it is to suit your own wedding color scheme or theme. Add lime green ribbons. Or silver metallic leaves. Or use a different color tulle. You can do anything with these!

Instructions for how to make a wedding wreath:

You'll need tulle, cardboard & scissors. Simple, eh? I used 6" tulle that is sold in craft stores on a spool like ribbon. However, if you are purchasing your own tulle for veils or other decor then go ahead and use strips of that.

make wedding wreath make a wedding wreath

You'll need to cut your circle frame out of cardboard. I used a round garbage can to trace mine. A dinner plate would be a handy thing to trace too. Next, wrap a layer of tulle around your cardboard frame. This is just to cover up the cardboard.

wedding wreath making wedding wreath homemade

Finally, cut strips of tulle. For my size frame (garbage can size - aka about 12" diameter) I used strips that were about 10" long. The length you choose depends on how "fluffy" you'll want your wedding wreath to be. Tie them on. Go all the way around and you are done! You can fill in any spots that look a little bare.

wedding wreaths wedding wreath instructions

Now you can leave it simple or add some details. Metallic silver leaves or maybe just ribbons in your wedding colors!

do it yourself wedding wreath

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It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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