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Wedding Veil Options: Fabric, Head-Pieces and Length

With so many wedding veil options out there, how do you decide what type is best for you? The following are some general guidelines and information about the different types and what will work with your style.

After learning about the different styles, you may be considering sewing one yourself. Go to our Making Your Own Wedding Veil article for complete instructions and photos.

Lengths - Although each company may have slight variations, here are the standard measurements of lengths: Shoulder 18", Blusher/Elbow 24", Wasit 30"-36", Fingertip 40"-45", Knee 54", Chapel/Floor 60"-72" and Cathedral 144" and longer. If you are doing it yourself, the best plan is to simply measure where you want it to fall on you and create your own custom length.

My Custom Handmade Mid-Calf Wedding Veil:

custom length veil

Head-Piece - Just as important as length, is how it will be secured onto your head. Some options are tiara, headband, comb, velcro, hat, no headpiece just pins and the mantilla over the head style. This question goes hand in hand with how your hair will be styled as it greatly impacts how your veil will be most secure.

Fabric - There are many fabric types for wedding veils, but the traditonal are tulle, organza, chiffon, silk and lace. Fabric choice really depends on what you are looking for, flowy and draping or more of a floating, fluffy texture. Transparent or opaque?

If you are creating your own wedding veil then the best thing you can do is to visit a fabric store. Feel the texture of the fabrics, see how they drape and match the colors perfectly with your dress. This is one item I do NOT reccommend buying online since you need to experience color and texture firsthand.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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