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Your Quick and Speedy Guide to the Wedding Thank You Notes

©Christy Murphy; all rights reserved

The mammoth task of writing each wedding thank you note for all of your wedding gifts looms ahead of you. Suddenly there are questions. Since you've got a lot to do, you know like planning an entire do it yourself wedding, we'll cut to the chase and answer the most often asked questions about wedding thank you notes. wedding thank you note

#1 Does everybody get a note?
All guests who attend the wedding and/or sent a gift gets a handwritten thank you note.

#2 How long do I have do send our thank you notes?
Some people say you have up to a year. Traditional etiquette states you have 2-4 weeks from the time you return from your honeymoon. My personal guideline is three months from the wedding date or from when you receive the gift (if it comes after the wedding).

#3 What do I write in the wedding thank you note?
This is the easy part. Every thank you note is six parts.

  1. The salutation.
  2. Thank you for the lovely (insert gift)
  3. Specific compliment of the gift.
  4. Mention your use of the gift especially if it is cash or a compliment to the sender.
  5. A second thanks.
  6. The Sign Off

Wedding Thank You Note Sample:

"Dear (Insert name),

Thank you for the lovely linen set. It is so elegant and soft we can hardly wait to go to sleep at night. You have amazing taste. Thanks again.


The Happy Couple"

For a less formal variation of this wedding thank you note, you can switch the second line to: "It is so elegant and soft, we'll never fall asleep on the couch again."

Wedding thank you notes can be sent as gifts are received. You do not have to wait until after the wedding. The standard lines that people use for #4 is "We'll think of you every time we use it."

Essentially you only have to think of two lines about each gift. Send the cards as you write them instead of waiting. It will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Try to do just three or four notes at a time to keep your handwriting neat. Also, thank you notes are not just for brides anymore. Modern etiquette says it is more than acceptable to let the hubby write the notes.

When you feel absolutely overwhelmed or if you catch yourself struggling to think of something nice to say about a not-exactly-your-style gift, remember your wedding gifts are a symbol of the blessings you have and will receive in your newfound union. Use your wedding thank you cards as a symbol of how much you appreciate each other, your loved ones, and your new life together.

Each wedding thank you note brings joy not only to the receiver but to the senders as well. Congratulations!

Christy Murphy is the creator of My Thank You Site which provides ready-to-copy sample thank you notes for all occasions including weddings, and other practical tools to demonstrate and attract gratitude in every day life. She is a writer, public speaker, and comedian, who has been featured on numerous television shows including CNN's Showbiz Today, Australia's Seven News, and CBS News in the U.S.

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