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Do It Yourself Potted Flower Wedding Table Centerpiece

Potted plants and flowers that are growing in soil is a great wedding table centerpiece idea. The great thing about using potted growing flowers is that there is no risk of the flowers getting droopy or dropping leaves. Potted flowers and plants can be arranged several days in advance for a wedding, which is nice because it avoids last minute rush. The idea and symbol of growing plants and flowers is also particularly poignant for a wedding, since you will start growing your new life together.

potted flower wedding centerpiece

The easiest way to use potted flowers as your wedding table centerpieces is to just buy them already potted in ceramic pots. However, if you are on a budget you can do this a lot cheaper if you are willing to do it yourself.

potted daisy centerpiece

Garden and nursery stores sell flowers and plants by the tray - several small plants growing in separate little soil cups. Buy a few assorted trays of flowers (in the colors you want) and then replant in an arrangement in your ceramic pots. Decide whether you want to use one large pot or several smaller ones, or assorted sizes for your wedding table centerpieces.

Small terracotta pots can be purchased for as little as $.75-$1.50 (at HomeDepot) and would look great if you plant one type of flower in each and scatter in the center of the wedding reception tables. If you don't like the natural terracotta color, they can be painted any color you like.

potted centerpiece instructions

For table numbers or names, you can print out a table label and stick it right in the plant dirt so it looks like a garden stake. A bent paper clip is a perfect way to display the table label in the dirt. The table names could be based on the types of flowers or on something else that is meaningful to you.

Do it yourself Seed Wedding Favors are the perfect accompaniment to the potted plant wedding table centerpiece idea.

The potted flower wedding table centerpieces can also be taken home at the end of the night by guests as favors or donated to a local school, hospital or other charity after the wedding. Keep a few for you to enjoy too!

Go to the Wedding Reception Centerpieces main page for more DIY centerpiece projects.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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