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Do It Yourself Wedding Program Instructions


  • Wedding Program Paper
  • Printer (Or you can take it to Kinkos, etc and assemble yourself)
  • Scissors
  • Circle Hole Punch
  • Ribbon

  • wedding program instructions

    Wedding program paper should be a heavier grade paper. I suggest at least 32 lb paper, anything less is just too flimsy and transparent. Check your local or favorite online craft store for decorative colored papers...and for tons of other wedding craft supplies too!

    There are a variety of programs you can use to print out your programs. The easiest is to just use Word, since most everyone is familiar with it. The key is to format your document to landscape and to change your format to 2 columns. Be careful to make sure that you create your pages in the right order. Remember, if you will be using more than one sheet of paper you need to have things printed in the right place so that when you put it together as a booklet it is in the correct order. Experiment until you have it right - don't print out everything right away until you put one full program together correctly.

    Once you have printed your design on your wedding program paper, you need to assemble the pieces in the correct page order and then use a circle hole punch to make holes for the ribbon binding. You can punch just the very edge of the program, so it leaves a 1/2 circle, which looks very nice.

    wedding programs homemade

    I suggest doing everything assembly line style. Put together all the programs first, then punch all the holes, then cut all the ribbon to equal lengths and then add the ribbon to the programs. This will save you time...although don't be surprised if your hand gets sore from all the hold punching! This is a perfect place to enlist friends and family for help.

    Finally, you get to add the ribbon to the programs. Open the program down the center so the full circle punches are shown. Insert one end of ribbon into the program and then back out of the program. Tie with a knot or a bow. Knots are easier and saves can simply cut your ribbon ends at an angle to make it look nice. Some ribbon has a tendency to unravel very fast though, be sure to test any ribbon you are going to use by cutting a piece of it and seeing if it stays together.

    diy wedding programs

    On your wedding day, you can have ushers or children or any type of host/hostess hand out programs. They can also be sitting in a basket or container on the way in, or simply sitting on chairs like the picture below.

    handmade wedding programs

    Have fun!

    It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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