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Ideas and Do It Yourself Instructions for Getting Beautiful Wedding Nails

You may find yourself suddenly thinking about your fingernails for the first time when you think about your wedding nails. After all, you may even have a photo or two taken of your newly ringed finger!

For me, I started thinking about my nails the moment I got engaged because I was a chronic nail biter. How could I show people my ring when my nails were all bitten down and disgusting looking? It was embarrassing! I immediately began looking for cheap ways to improve my nails.

Artificial Nail Options (especially for nail biters)

If you have short nails or are a nail biter like me, you may want to consider doing something that will help you grow them out. Since my ultimate goal was to stop biting my nails and have natural nails for my wedding nails, I used fake french manicure nails for a while. It is much cheaper than getting acrylic nails professionally put on and they don’t ruin your nails like the professional acrylic ones do.

The nice thing about the do it yourself method is that when you take them off you still have your natural nails underneath that are strong enough to grow. Professionally applied acrylic nails turn your nail underneath paper thin, which makes growing them out naturally afterwards almost impossible. However, you can always keep on getting acrylics put on and then filled in, but this can be costly over time. The plus side of professionally applied acrylic nails is that they do last longer. However, your wedding nails only have to last one day, so save the money!
My nails done with a do it yourself french manicure kit pictured below. This photo was taken back when I bit my nails a lot but was trying to grow them out. Check out the photo at the bottom of this page, which is a more recent photo of my natural nails. Check out the article, "Do It Yourself French Manicure Instructions" and learn how to have these beautiful wedding nails for less than $10.

do it yourself french manicure

For Natural Nails

If you have naturally nice nails (lucky you!) you probably don't need to do anything with your nails at all. Perhaps a coat of clear nail polish, a pearly color or a light pink color would be pretty for wedding nails. The day of your wedding you can give yourself an at home manicure by soaking your hands in a wedding nails salt scrub and shaping your nails with a nail file.

With natural nails you can also consider doing the paint on french manicure where you use stick on guides and paint white polish only on the tip of your nails. I've tried this and haven't had much luck with it. It never looks real enough for my taste, and it always chips off faster than nail polish. If you’ve found a great method for doing this or a great brand, please contact me and let me know about it.

I did end up quitting biting my nails for my wedding day, and after using the salt scrub and filing my nails I used a nail whitener pencil underneath my nails to make them look white, like a french manicure for my wedding nails.

My natural nails done with a nail whitening pencil pictured below. Yay for quitting the nail biting problem! Check out the article "French Manicure Instructions for Natural Nails" to learn how to do this.

french manicure

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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