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The Do It Yourself Weddings Recommended Wedding Magazines and Books

There is nothing that will get you into wedding mode more than curling up with some great reading material! I love it when there is a fresh, new magazine in my mailbox. So much fun to browse through and look at all the great pictures. Even the advertisements can give you ideas for your wedding!

Recommended Books:

Learn how one smart bride saved several thousands of dollars on her wedding. This How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding - On a Shoestring Budget guide is the "save money bridal" bible and is packed full of great ideas. I love it because it is sold online as an e-book, which means you simply can read it online or you can print it out. You don't have to wait for it to be mailed to you, you can start reading it today.

fairytale wedding book

It comes with three free bonus guides. "Let Me Do You A Favor - 101 Wedding Favors" is packed full of cheap and easy wedding favor ideas. "My Wedding Journal" is a personal record keeping book that will be a keepsake after your wedding and "Treasured Thoughts" is a special bonus book that even I can't reveal.

You get ALL FOUR for just one low price!
Free Bonus Books:

shoestring books

Wouldn't it be fun to spend a whole afternoon gleaning ideas from your magazines while you sip tea on your cozy sofa? Have fun with your magazines and books!

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