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Wedding Limos - What to Look For

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Wedding limos and car hires are an often overlooked detail that you'll need to take care of when planning your wedding, and one that should be booked well in advance. This is especially important if your wedding will take place in the spring or early summer.

This is not only the prime wedding season but also when proms, debutante balls, graduation dances and promotional parties occur, all of which increase the demand for limousines.

You need to decide how many people you will need to transport so you can decide how many vehicles you will need.

Talk to two or more limousine companies and compare prices and services. Here are some questions to ask of the limo provider you talk to:

  • Can they supply you with X number of cars?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • How long at this location?
  • Are criminal background checks done on all drivers?
  • Can we see the maintenance logs?
  • What is the total cost including taxes, insurance and gratuities?
  • How much of a deposit is needed?
  • Is there a time frame in which we can cancel without penalty?
  • Do you have handicapped accessible vehicles?
  • Can we get a no alcohol limo?
  • What is the smoking policy? Some companies don’t allow smoking n any of their vehicles.

If you have a preference for a particular car, such as a Rolls Royce or Cadillac, ask if they can provide you with that car. Also if you want a special color, ask if it is possible.

Other Bridal Limo & Car Ideas:

Is your dress a vintage family heirloom? If so, look for a limo company that provides vintage cars from that era! Your limo company will normally be willing to have ribbons adorning your limousines. You can choose from colors that match your wedding colors. If you have young children in the wedding party who will be riding in the limo, find out if you need to provide the safety seats for those children.

Are you having a theme wedding? Choose wedding cars to help enhance that theme. For instance if your theme is a princess wedding, why not choose pink limos, or at least one for you and your groom.

Weddings can be extremely stressful and trying to figure out how you are going to get everyone everywhere they need to be and get them there on time can only make it worse. Limo hires remove at least one stressor from the mix.

If you need vintage cars and the local limousine rental companies can’'t provide the cars from the era you are honoring, contact antique and vintage car clubs in your area. Some of the members may be glad to drive their cars to your wedding events and may even show up in period clothes, which would be just great fun. If you allow them to use pictures in their upcoming show brochures, you may get a really good deal. Your friends and family will be impressed by this unique form of wedding transportation.

Of course it takes much more than limos to make weddings run smoothly and there is a lot you have to do. Why not delegate some of the details to someone else? Maybe your maid-of-honor or the best man would like to manage the limo situation for you, just make sure they keep you informed.

Martin Smith is a runs a car hire service in Ireland. Drop by his site, limo hire, for more tips and information.

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