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Wedding Hair Styles & Wedding Hair Dos

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For some brides, choosing between wedding hair styles and wedding hair dos is a no-brainer. They simply wear their hair the same way they do everyday. If you are reading this page though, you are probably looking for something different!

I wore my hair down for my wedding, but it still didn't look like it did everyday. A whole lot of curling and volumizing and making sure it didn't go limp or frizzy took place behind the scenes. I also needed to practice attaching my bridal veil with bobby pins and find out what my hair looked like after I took it off. All things to keep in mind.

The fun thing about bridal hair is that you can practice with little or no cost. It isn't like trying out several centerpiece ideas and having to purchase flowers and vases. Your hair plus just a few key accessories and you can start experimenting right at home. And what better way to get inspiration than to look at photos?

Looking for great pictures of wedding hair styles for ideas? One of the best ways to decide and get ideas for your wedding hair do is to browse through hairstyle galleries. This way you can see what works for your hair length and texture.

A big part of deciding how to do your wedding day hair do is deciding first on whether you will wear a veil or not. If you do wear a veil, you must keep in mind what type of veil you'll use. Will it be a headband, attached with a comb? Will part of it be over your face at some point? Do you want it attached on the back of your head or on top? Will you want to remove your veil before the reception? All of these impact deciding on your wedding hair style.

Also keep in mind what your dress looks like. Is it more formal? Is it casual? Also, will you wear earrings? What is the neckline of your dress like? These things may have an impact on what you decide on for your wedding hair do.

Don't want to spend the money on hiring a hair stylist for your wedding? Thinking of doing your own wedding hair? Read the Do It Yourself Wedding Hair Style Do's and Don'ts for tips on doing it yourself, mistakes to avoid and more.

Wedding updos are a popular choice for wedding hair styles. If you have hair that is long enough to be put back in a ponytail you can certainly do many different wedding updo styles. If you don't normally create your own hair updos it may seem like a daunting task. It really isn't! There are many simple wedding updos that anyone can create easily.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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