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DIY Wedding Guest Book Alternative Ideas

Here are several unique wedding guest book alternative ideas for those of you who don't want to go with the traditional, boring sign-in book.

The reason I dislike traditional wedding sign-in books is because most of the time guests simply sign their name. Why do you need their autograph? Wouldn't it be cool to get just a few words of congratulations, advice or other wisdom? The following unique wedding guest book alternative ideas allow guests to get a little creative.

  • Ceramic Platter - Guests sign a white ceramic platter (or frame, mugs, tiles tray, etc) using Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint markers. You can find these in a variety of colors and sets from Dick Blick Art Materials. Guests sign, draw and design on your platter and then it is baked in the oven at 300 degrees for a half hour. This makes it completely permanent and dishwasher safe. However, it is not recommended to actually serve food on this paint, even though it is non-toxic. I'd imagine that most people will keep this as a keepsake instead of a functional item anyway.

  • ceramic guest book

  • Silver Engraved Platter - Like the ceramic platter above but cool in its own way, you can purchase a "silver" (they are actually all stainless steel) platter with a diamond tip pen so that guests permanently engrave their names and messages into your platter. Various places sell this wedding guest book alternative so check around for the best prices and platter options.
  • Aprons, Frames and More - Lots of couples have a photo of them framed and then have guests sign the cardboard photo mat. Just be sure to use permanent, high quality pens that will not fade. Two chef friends of mine recently got married and had guests sign two matching aprons for them using permanent fabric markers. The guests had a blast drawing pictures, writing quotes and messages to them. They even got a few recipes written on their aprons! Similar wedding guest book alternative ideas are shirts, pillows, ornaments, tapestries, wall-hangings, table cloths and table runners.

  • signed apron

  • Individual Cards - Another fun option is to set out small cards and matching envelopes. A sign could explain to the guests to write a bit of marriage advice, quotes or anything they'd like to share on the cards. The cards can then be simply placed in a decorative basket. The beauty of this wedding guest book alternative idea is that the messages are private so guests feel more free to write what they want. It is tons of fun for the bride and groom to later open all these tiny cards with personal messages inside. The cards get more and more funny as the night goes on too!

guest book cards

Since some of alternative guest books involve markers and other fun stuff it is a good plan to have someone keep an eye on the "guest book" so that children (or drunk adults!) don't take over and get too carried away.

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It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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