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Do It Yourself Wedding Food by Catering Your Own Wedding

Catering your own wedding by doing your own wedding food is a great choice If you are handy in the kitchen or even just want to save a bundle of money. It can be overwhelming if you don't plan ahead, but with some careful planning you can have the food of your dreams...within the budget of your reality.

Food was by far the one single thing we spent the most money on. We knew this ahead of time and budgeted for it. Being "foodies" there was no way we'd skimp on food. However, we still took an unconventional route and made it unique!

There is nothing worse than bland wedding food, is there? The tasteless chicken and baby vegetables. Since when did that become a standard? With a little creativity you can have a delicious meal that reflects you as a couple, or suits your wedding theme perfectly. I'm not talking about spending oodles of money to have a four star restaurant cater it either. Read on to learn more about some do it yourself catering ideas!

From catering your own wedding to hiring outside caterers to come in, here are several articles you don't want to miss:

Grilled Wedding Food: How to Plan a Barbeque Wedding Reception
Tips for do it yourself wedding food barbeque style! Food ideas, preparation tips and more to keep it simple and make sure it goes smoothly.

Keep It Simple! Finger Food Ideas for Catering Your Own Wedding
Here are a bunch of photos from my own finger food wedding that I catered myself! Get ideas on how to keep it simple without sacrificing taste.

reception whole food table
Catering Your Own Wedding With a Potluck Reception
The easiest way to cater your own wedding food is to host a potluck reception! Here are some handy tips that you must consider before doing this yourself.

Cheap Wedding Food
Are you on a tight budget but can't cut your guest list and can't imagine how to feed all those guests? I hear you. Here are several specific tips for cutting your food costs without sacrificing taste or quality.

Cooking for a Large Wedding
Wondering if you can do it all even though your guest list keeps growing? These are all resources to help you learn to tackle cooking for large groups.

Do It Yourself Wedding Food FAQs
The most commonly asked wedding food questions, answered by catering pros with 30 years of experience! What to make, when to make it and how much!? All these an more!

Finding a Reception Location Where You Can Bring In Wedding Food
It can be tricky finding a reception location if you are planning on being in charge of your own food. Here is a list of great reception location ideas that will work!

Wedding Cake, Cookies & Desserts

DIY Cake Balls
Instructions for DIY wedding cake balls, a fun and easy alternative to cake that you can make yourself! Great for dessert buffets too. Complete instructions and decorating tips.

DIY Wedding Cake
A whole bunch of the common questions answered! Warnings, advice and trade secrets (glue guns! freezing tips!) from a professional. A must read if you are thinking of making your own wedding cake.

Wedding Cookie Table
Fun, easy and affordable! Let your guests help themselves to an assortment of homemade cookies! Tons of fun, can be made ahead and makes a great favor idea that is also dessert.

Wedding Cupcake Towers...Yes You CAN Do Your Own Cake
Tips on assembling the tiers, decorating the display, decorating the cupcakes and how to transport them to your reception!

Wedding Wine, Drinks & Alcohol

Finding Affordable Wedding Wine to Go With Your Wedding Food
If you are doing your own food, then you are likely in charge of your own drinks too. Here are some tips for finding affordable wine.

Cheap Champagne for Wedding Toasts
Champagne? Wedding toasts? Yikes, how much is this going to cost? Fortunately, there are some yummy, affordable bubbly options, you just have to know what they are!

Wedding Drinks
Provide your own wedding alcohol if you want to save a bundle! Money saving tips as well as signature drink ideas.

Yes, you can do your own wedding catering with a little effort and some help from friends. Don't sacrifice taste or quality just because you have a budget. You can have wonderful food within your budget! Eat, drink and be married!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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