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Finding a Reception Location Where You Can Bring In Wedding Food

If you are considering catering your own wedding food, or even hiring your own caterers finding a reception location that allows you to bring in your own food can seem daunting. Many locations that are popular wedding reception venues have their own food staff or only allow certain caterers to work on their location. The reason? Money of course! They make more money by making sure that you use their services. So what is the alternative to substandard wedding fare? Find a location that lets you bring in your own wedding food!

If you are planning on do it yourself wedding food check out the article on Catering Your Own Wedding Food With a Potluck Reception for more tips and ideas. If you are making your own food, check out the Wedding Finger Food Ideas page for photos and help on what to make.

DIY Wedding Food Friendly Reception Location Ideas

  • At Home -- Sometimes you'll find just what you need in your very own backyard...or the yard of a family member or friend. Backyard weddings are my absolute favorite weddings to plan. Why? Because you can get there early to set-up, clean up at your own pace, have control over everything and you won't pay a dime for renting it so the money can go towards other things.

  • wedding food table

    Wedding Food Buffet Table at a Residence

  • Government Owned -- Many city governments own historical buildings and homes that can be rented out for weddings. Since these buildings aren't a business themselves you'll have to bring in your own fare. Perfect!

  • Parks -- Most state (and many city) parks will allow you to rent a section of them and often have shelters with bathrooms and electricity. The fee is next to nothing which is an added bonus and you will be surrounded by nature.

  • College Campus -- If you live near a college campus then surely look into that location! Most campuses have several meeting buildings that would work and will be on the cheap side. While the conference rooms might not be beautiful, you can always use your creative skills to dress them up!
  • Art Galleries -- Some art galleries host receptions and allow you to bring in your own eats or hire caterers. Depending on the gallery it can be on the pricy side, but imagine being around all that beautiful art!

  • Other Ideas -- Think outside the wedding industry. Rent a farmer's barn or an unused warehouse. Call the owner of a home that is for rent and see if you can rent if for just a weekend. Call around and find out which locations will let you do your own thing and simply cross off the list the ones that say no.

With a little patience you'll find the perfect reception location where you can have the wedding food of your dreams! Eat, drink and be married!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

For more food ideas browse the Do It Yourself Weddings Food section of our site.

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