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Tips to Make Wedding Flowers Wholesale - Ordering Wedding Flowers in Bulk Online

Getting your wedding flowers wholesale is a good move if you plan to create your own arrangements or bouquets! You'll save money while getting beautiful, fresh flowers delivered to your home that you can work with. No need to frantically travel around town picking up flowers a day before your wedding, with no guarantees what will be available that day. They arrive right at your door.

With good prices and quality, fresh flowers ordering them this way is something you must look into if you are considering doing your own wedding flowers.

For this article, I tested out a popular online bridal flower supplier, Whole Blossoms to see what it is really like to order in bulk, how long they last and how much work is involved! To make a long story short, they get two thumbs up from me! Read on for the scoop...

wholesale wedding flowers

My flowers arrived early in the morning (early morning delivery) and the first thing I noticed when I opened up the box was how tightly packed in they were, and all separated with plastic. I was expecting a broken stem or two but they were all perfect because of the way they were packed. I removed some of the outer packaging and noticed right away that these roses smelled wonderful!!! If you have purchased florist roses lately you'll likely have noticed that most commercially sold roses no longer have a scent. These do! In fact, over the next few days my dining room filled up with the scent of roses.

wedding flowers wholesale

I put the ones I wasn't working with immediately in a bucket with a few inches of water and set to work prepping them. They arrived with the little packets you add to your vases to keep the mold and stink away - follow instructions on the packet as to how much to use in your water. Depends on the size of your vases, obviously. I took them to the sink and started removing leaves and also cut off the bottoms at an angle as directed on the packet and immediately moved them to the water bucket. This is key. Once you cut your stem, put them in water when you are not working with them.

wedding flower bouquet

For the bouquets, I simply cut several at the same height, grabbed a bunch and arranged them in my hand first, then wrapped very tightly with some satin ribbon.

diy wedding bouquet

Centerpiece arrangement were made similarly, except that I cut the stems at varying lengths - longest stems in center and then shorter ones near the edge of the vase. This creates the rounded, full look of the flowers.

wedding flower arrangements wholesale

I took photos the first day (Day One) and four days later (Day Four) so you can see how long they last. By the fourth day the blossoms were much more opened, but some were starting to droop. The arrangements were still very beautiful by day four but I'd advise that you'll have the best arrangements if your wedding is between 1 and 4 days after you receive the flowers. The closer to your wedding day the better.

wholesale flowers last

The photos below are at day six. The bouquet looks pretty much the same. Apparently, because it is so tightly wrapped it preserves them better as the flowers are not allowed to open. The photo below on the right are some of the best looking flowers that I picked out of the vase arrangements on day six. The rest of the flowers were starting to drop petals but a few (like the handful pictured) were still beautiful, very open and sweet smelling!

wholesale flowers wedding

I would absolutely recommend Whole Blossoms as your supplier of flowers, as I was honestly impressed with how long they lasted and smelled!

Keep in mind that in my photo examples, I didn't use any filler greens. You can have way more bang for your buck if you use other flowers and filler greens along with your roses. Doing just roses even at wholesale prices can be pretty expensive. Perhaps you could do roses in the bridal bouquet and use filler and other flowers for everything else to stretch them!

Good luck!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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