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Top Tips From a Wedding Coordinator

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Dream a little dream - What do you envision when you close your eyes and picture your wedding day? Twinkling candles, rose petals, or a disco ball? Whatever it is, incorporate your vision into your day to make the day as special as you have dreamed it to be. coordinator wedding

Prioritize - Whatever detail is most important about your special day, try to focus your energy and funds on that aspect. You can't do all of it lavishly, but deciding which items you are willing to splurge on helps make your budgeting process easier by highlighting what goes to the top of the list.

Get an expandable file - This tool will help keep you organized by keeping large and small pieces of paper sorted by category, but all in one place. Who know if you will need to know something about the church when ordering the invites and with an expandable file, you will have it all together no matter where you go.

Be ready to have fun - Everyone loves a party and it is truly a party when the bridal couple are having the times of their lives. Just remember to really enjoy and participate with guests and dancing. You will never have a chance to dance so joyfully again.

Into every day there will be rain - no matter how well you plan, there will be issues. My brother had the keg explode as he was taping so he was late to pictures, but had I let that ruin our day- how silly would that have been. Also, the story of his shirt drying in the wind as he drove to the wedding is so classic. Just remember into every plan there will be an issue, but worse things could happen and worrying instead of finding a solution and moving on will only add more stress into your life and I am certain you don’t need this.

If having a DJ, make a list of songs you want played - and insist on meeting your DJ before the day of. With the list of songs, you know you will hear songs you love to dance to and meeting your DJ will reassure you they will do a great job as they play a large role in your reception.

Try not to stress about things out of your control and the very little details - I know this is easier said than done, but it truly might mean retaining your sanity. I know there are times when stressing is about all you feel you can do, but try to take the focus off worrying and remember you have planned well and the day will be magical.

How your food tastes is more important than what you serve - I know that seems like an odd statement, but I am big believer in an excellent caterer or chef over a fancy plate of food people might enjoy eating.

Send Thank Yous to everyone - Guests have taken time and funds to attend your wedding and thanking them shows them how important they are to you. Also remember to send thank you's to vendors to let them know you appreciated all their hard work.

Devotion to Detail is a wedding and event planning company based out of Eastern Iowa and works with brides around the area and country to assist in their planning and coordinating of their weddings and all that entails. They specialize in planning weddings on any budget, making special efforts to work within your budget to find several options for each aspect of your special day. Their service of Day of wedding coordinating is one where you will never regret having this assistance. A day of wedding coordinator is essential to having a smooth and enjoyable wedding day, and even if you think it might be affordable, it is worth checking into day of wedding coordinating to maximize all the effort you have put into planning. Feel free to contact Alison through her website with any questions.

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