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Wedding Canopy Instructions: Perfect for Outdoor Weddings

Here is a fabulous idea for a fall themed wedding canopy. Simply change the decorations and it will suit any season. See our Jewish Wedding Canopy page for another related idea. The Wedding Canopy Covers page offers alternative top options.

wedding canopy fall

This wedding canopy consists of a 8ft long wooden garden trellis, 8ft long wood boards, nails, fabric and assorted decorations that have been stapled to the wood.

canopy materials

It is easiest if you start building the wedding canopy on its side and then later once it is build stand it up. This will take at least two people, more is easier. A staple gun is a must to staple on fabric, flowers, leaves and other decorations.

canopy on side

canopy plain

To decorate your plain wedding canopy fabric of your color and texture choice is easily stapled onto the wood. Leaves, branches, palm fronds, fruit, flowers and more can be stapled to the wood with the staple gun. Be sure to add all decorations the day of the wedding since live plants will not get any water and will start to wilt if you do it too soon in advance.

This wedding canopy was built for an outdoor fall wedding, but by changing the decorations (more brightly colored fresh flowers for example) you can adjust it to suit any season or wedding theme.

finished fall wedding canopy

fall canopy finished

For more fall themed decorations or more DIY reception projects, go to our Wedding Receptions launch page.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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