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Wedding Candy Table Tips

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A new wedding trend is to set up a wedding candy table of different candies that guests can choose from. Though a beautiful and clever idea, if you don't plan it right, it can end up costing a chunk of your budget. Here are a few tips on keeping this great idea low cost and memorable.

wedding gumballs 1. Choose your bags wisely. Organza bags are beautiful and can run around $.20 a bag. Depending on the size of your wedding, that can add up quickly. Clear or decorated party bags can be as little as $.10 a bag but hold more candy, so crunch numbers before you buy candy or use larger pieces of candy- just don't look cheap!

2. Be creative with your containers. Dollar stores or Wal-Mart have unique ones in the kitchen section and you can reuse them after the wedding. Small candy scoops can be purchased in bulk online, but if you want to avoid shipping costs you should find decorative measuring scoops in a kitchen section. Again, think of what you can reuse. For easy clean-up buy containers with lids. Fabric from a craft store and a few candles can make the whole table transform into a beautiful station of the wedding.

3. Buy wedding candy in bulk, and don't worry about brands. Buy in bulk online through or other websites that allow you to choose colors and flavor. You might not want to offer assorted colors if your wedding theme only has a few colors in it- feel free to mix a few colors, but a jar of white gumballs or chocolate malt balls can look surprisingly elegant.

Good luck with the wedding planning!

This article was written by Tori Reneker of United Wholesale Gumball. They are the oldest internet merchant of gumballs, bulk candy and candy machine products. They wholesale a wide variety of gumballs, bulk candy, spiral gumball machines, and candy machine accessories!

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