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Candle Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Want and easy way to have unique arrangements? How about one of these fruit wedding centerpiece ideas? Many brides are looking for ways to skip flowers completely or to "dress up" cheaper flowers.

So many things you can do with a wedding candle centerpiece! Whether you plan to include flowers on your tables and use candles only as an accent or if candles are the main focus of your reception tables, they will create ambiance, romance, functional light and can even save you money.

wedding candle centerpiece

Wedding Candle Centerpiece Options:

  • With Flowers - Simply adding a few scattered tea lights around your flower arrangements still adds a great deal of romantic ambiance to your reception tables. Or, the candles can be directly incorporated into your flower design as in this example:

    candle flower centerpiece

  • Scented - Don't rule out scented candles for your wedding! A light scent will fill the air and can be enticing and lovely. Be sure to choose a scent you love and one that won't overpower the space. If your reception is in a small space indoors you may want to use a mixture of some scented and unscented to keep the scent airy and light.
  • Votives With Tea Lights - Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate candles into your centerpiece design is to use tea lights with decorative votive holders. The votive holders are a must for an outdoor wedding where wind conditions will likely blow any open air candles out. There are many decorative votive holders to choose from such as colored glass, crystal, wood, bamboo, stone, plastic and a personal cheapo favorite, small jelly or baby food jars!

    candle centerpiece votives

  • Vary Heights - For a balanced pleasing wedding candle centerpiece arrangement that looks interesting be sure to use various heights or shapes of candles. Several candles of different heights bunched together are really all you need for a stunning centerpiece for a nighttime reception.

    varying heights candles

  • Tapers - Taper candles in holders create an elegance all by themselves or combine with shorter elements such as gourds, flower petals, river rocks, beach glass, shells or dried flowers. Try to find dripless tapers to avoid a waxy mess all over your linens.

    candle centerpiece pillars

  • Floating - Floating candles give a fresh and calming ambiance to a table. Consider tinting the water with food coloring or adding glass pebbles, leaves, rocks, sparkles or marbles to the water.

    Floating Candles (Set of 6)
  • Other Decorations - Round out your designs with dried flowers, by placing a single large candle in another container such as a bowl, basket, box or on a platter.

    bowl candle centerpiece

When you find candles you like, make sure the burn time is long enough and that the candle burns properly. Wedding candle centerpiece arrangements being used outdoors do best if they are enclosed in some kind of holder so the wind doesn't blow them out. Don't forget to bring a lighter or matches for the person in charge of lighting them!
It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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