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Wedding Cake Card

How to make a wedding cake card! Make this cute design by following the instructions below.

Products Needed:

  • Craft Knife
  • Steel Ruler
  • Glue Stick/PVA Glue
  • 3D Sticky Tape
  • White square greetings card
  • 3 x variations of 3D Hearts
  • Rink/red/silver card or paper variations

wedding cake card

In order to make the perfect greetings card, you need to make sure that your working space is clean and that you have enough space to cut, glue and create. I feel that is especially important to prepare properly before starting any crafts project, what ever it may be.

A good place to start is with your sketch pad and a very sharp pencil...always sketch out your ideas, its best they go wrong on paper first! (as they always will first time)

wedding cake instructions card

Take your greetings card and lay it on your work mat, I normally take a good look at the size of the card before I start cutting and sticking, you should of already sketched out the design of your card, so now is the time to try and visualize it on the face of the card and make any changes!

Chose the colored card that you think will work best on this design of card, and cut into squares as seen on the design. These will need to measure slightly larger than the other squares that are going on the card, so that you can still see the background behind.

wedding cake card

As this style card is made up of so many different shapes it might be a good idea to have everything cut out before you start sticking, so choose from your variation of paper and card 4 different colors and textures of paper and make sure you cut them all down to their correct sizes as you can see on the finished card they are all different sizes, so make sure these are all measured out properly.

Carefully peel back the layer of paper from the 3D sticky tape, and place the back the paper background you want. Try to use alternative colors for backgrounds and a variation of 3D shapes to give you card some character.

When cutting out the layers of the cake make sure you measure them correctly as the idea is to create a tiered affect. Once you have your shapes in place it might be a good idea to use the 3d sticky tape to rise the cake off the actual card.

Try to decorate the outside of the design with some extra hearts - hobby craft is a great place to buy embellishments. You could even have extra detail on the inside of the card - on this design I have used a sticky felt heart on the inside design.

Finally if you have decided that you want to put some words on your card, take a small piece of white card, and a fine line black felt tip pen. Make sure you know what you want to write and only cut it out once you have worked out it is in the middle of the rectangle. To give the wording depth, carefully stick it on to something different here I have used some pink tissue.

This idea for a greetings card can be used with any theme, but I think works especially well with hearts and plenty of layers. which means its a great contemporary design for a wedding card...a cake with imagination...good enough to eat!

Good luck!

This tutorial was shared with us by Rachel, who makes funky handmade cards and offers even more tutorials on her site!

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