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My Website Success Story...or How I Quit My Day Job

My Do It Yourself Weddings website has become more successful than I ever imagined. Not only is it successful, but it is also incredibly rewarding and I feel so fortunate that I took the leap and decided to create a website back in 2004. I make money writing about something I love, I work at home and I'm able to be at home everyday with my two little ones. And I love DIY weddings and getting updates from brides who email me. It absolutely makes my day!

Here is my website success story and a little history behind this site... When my husband and I got married, we weren't the type to have a traditional "cookie cutter" style wedding because it just wasn't us. We planned it DIY style from top to bottom and never looked back! I started this website in 2004 to be a resource for other couples wanting to do it their own way. I would have loved to have found this site back when I was starting to plan the biggest party of my life.

When I started out, I too had a "normal full-time" job. It was an office job. Boring. Stressful. I was pretty miserable and was looking for a way out. Shortly after getting married, we started discussing having children but I loathed the idea of the 6-week maternity leave that my job offered. I knew I wouldn't want to go back and leave my baby with someone else to take care of. I couldn't handle the thought of my stressful job plus trying to raise a child either. However, I really, really wanted to start a family. I felt stuck.

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This website built out of my DIY wedding obsession turned out to be my answer! My first son was born September 2006 (UPDATE: second son born October 2009!) and I'm having the time of my life. I work from home so I'm with them every day. I didn't even have to worry about maternity leave. In fact, I quit my job while I was pregnant because my site had already reached a level of success that I could afford to quit.

Now my day starts with my cup of tea and checking my emails...from the comfort of my own couch. I work in my backyard when the weather is sunny and can take my kids to the park whenever I want to. I work when they nap during the day and at night after they go to bed. I also have the freedom to NOT work when I want, and can go have coffee with friends during the day or go out of town whenever I want.

So how did I do this? Want to know how a woman with no prior website experience attained this level of success? I had heard about something called "info publishing" where people build a website about something they are interested in and then make money by placing a small amount of relevant advertising on their pages. I researched it and even talked to several people who did it and realized it was something I'd enjoy doing.

After tons of research I choose a collection of web building tools called Site built It (SBI) because many of the most successful "info publishing" sites use them. They take care of submitting to search engines, keywords, brainstorming, profitability, hosting the site, my email account, etc., while I focus on writing articles. I didn't have to pull together different companies for different aspects of my web business, they offer it all in one place.

It took a lot of time and effort but this site now ranks in the top 1% of all websites for traffic. This means that of all the websites out there, only 1% of them get more visitors than I do. This is incredible! You can see this for yourself, on this page, my site is in the "Self Help" category, in about the middle.

The Future: For me "first comes marriage, then comes baby" has translated to "first comes DIY weddings, then comes DIY babies!" Yep, I joked about it for over a year but with the urging of our "graduated readers" I finally took the plunge and launched to share my other passion. Sewing patterns, homemade toy ideas, nursery decor and and baby crafts galore. (PS, I also used SBI to launch my second site, I've been very happy with them and couldn't have reached the level of success I have without their tools.)

Here is a video I made about my story for SBI:

What are you interested in? Do you have a passion that you are knowledgeable about? Perhaps your area of interest might make a good informational website!

I wish you the best of luck and all the success that you desire. And happy DIY wedding planning!

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