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The Easiest, Cheapest DIY Vases for Centerpieces

vases for centerpieces
Sourcing vases for centerpieces need not be a stress on your wedding budget, especially if you make them yourself. It is true that many brides believe that doing their own wedding flowers will save them money and they are usually right. Until they realize they have to provide vases for them. Oops! This is where brides often go wrong in their budget. A professional florist already owns all the containers he or she will need for your wedding. You don't. This doesn't mean you have to go out and purchase a whole bunch though! That would not exactly be very cost effective. So get ready to get crafty, because your creative skills will save you a bundle.

Now I'm not asking you to learn to blow glass or throw pottery (although wouldn't that be great?) no, these projects are for beginners. Anyone can do these. Even the so called "non-creative" types among us, although I really don't believe there is such a thing. The fact that you are here means you are already creative!

Simple and cheap ideas for creating vases for centerpieces:

Recycled Bottles
Using assorted recycled bottles just might be your cheapest option as vases for centerpieces since they are absolutely free! Start saving bottles immediately and ask friends, family and co-workers to do the same. In a short time you'll have a whole bunch of assorted bottles that you can use in groupings for your flowers.

vases for wedding centerpieces cheap bottle wedding vases

Now if plain bottles that obviously look like bottles isn't your thing, I have a new trick that you will probably love! You can easily transform your plain, clear bottles into any color you like with a little craft paint.

cheap diy vase idea painted wedding vase

Pour your paint inside the bottle and then turn it around so the entire inside is coated completely and then drain out the excess. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours and then use as a beautiful colored vase! Putting the paint on the inside (instead of trying to brush it on) retains the perfect, glossy surface of the bottle. There is no way you'd be able to get it perfectly glossy on the outside unless you used spray paint. Spray paint is a wonderful option, however the color choices are much more limited.

transform bottle vase cheap wedding vase

Incredible, right? Please note: you should not store water in this painted vase for long periods of time without testing how well your paint will hold up first. Acrylic paint is pretty sturdy, but you'll want to test your particular paint to be sure. I used Apple Barrel brand from a craft store, which was only about a dollar a bottle. Also, be careful when you place your flowers inside so you don't scratch off the paint! Non-water arrangements are ideal of course.

Revamping Other Containers
Really, there is so much you can use and alter! Any water-tight container actually. Spray paint, cover with fabric or in this next example, cover with textured paper & ribbon! In my example I used an Ovaltine container but this same method works great with plain old soup cans!

vase for diy centerpieces paper on vase

First, you have to measure around your container, as well as the height. Cut out a piece of decorative paper with those measurements (adding an inch so it overlaps) and then wrap it around and tape it down.

ribbon vase raffia vase

Add fabric ribbon, trim, string, raffia or anything you would like to embellish your homemade vases for centerpieces with.

cheap vases for centerpieces

Always makes sure your container is watertight and be careful when pouring in water if you have used paper on the outside, you don't want any water drips!

Classic Mason Jars
Everybody knows about using mason jars as cheap vases for centerpieces, right? Right. They are lovely plain for a casual look or you can cover them with tissue paper or fabric or cover vases with sticks to disguise them super easily and cheaply.

mason jars cheap diy wedding vases

New mason jars can be purchased in bulk by the case in various sizes or you can usually find lots of vintage ones on eBay or even in thrift stores and garage sales. Around here, they sell them in the grocery store!

Something borrowed... I know a bride who had a small (40 guest) wedding and she asked all the women in their families if anyone had any vases laying around. They were bombarded! Think of your own mother or grandmother as an example. I know mine have at least ten to twenty between them! They wound up using only the clear glass ones so they would match somewhat and they were absolutely free. The best part was that the owners of them got to take home the arrangements at the end of the night if they wanted to.

Get thrifty... Start scouting out your local thrift stores and garage sales for vases for centerpieces. You will be amazed by the amount of selection. People always get rid of vases so there will likely be a lot to choose from. Even unmatched sets can look beautiful. Water glasses even work! If you need something larger, consider unusual containers like water pitchers or old soup pots.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and you find something that inspires you for your own do it yoruself wedding!

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