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Teeth Whitening For Your Wedding

Thinking about teeth whitening for your wedding? Glistening, pearly whites that stand out in your photographs is a goal for many brides. Whiter teeth can really brighten up a face and make you look fresher, healthier and younger. So which method is the best for you? As an avid red wine drinker, I have had my share of experience with many types of bleaching, the good and bad. Here are my teeth whitening reviews for you!

Method Reviews

  • Do It Yourself Whitening - Yes, there is a way to do it yourself at home. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide until it becomes a thick paste. Apply to your toothbrush and then carefully brush your teeth, avoiding your gums. Pros: Is SO cheap and actually makes a difference in color, I've tried this method twice. Cons: Is abrasive so it may make your gums sore and is not good for your teeth if you do it often as it may wear down enamel.
  • Crest White Strips - I used these last summer for two weeks and noticed a clear difference in color. You simply buy the strips and place them on your teeth for about a half hour and then remove. Pros: They really DO work, I noticed a definite difference when I was done using them and even my mother asked if I had got my teeth whitened. Cons: They made my teeth hurt. My teeth were very cold sensitive for a few weeks and they ached all the time. Not for someone who fears any sort of pain. It also tastes bad and made my gum line a bit raw.
  • Brush on Gels - Not worth it, the gel gets taken off by saliva. Would take a really long time to see results with this. Pros: No real benefits of this one. Cons: Doesn't stay on so it doesn't really work.

  • Store Bought Tray Methods - I tried this before moving onto the crest white strips. This sucked. The gel/bleach solution only hit on some areas of my teeth and I don't think it did anything. Pros: Nothing good about this one. Cons: Didn't work and made my gums raw.
  • Dentist Bleaching Trays - This one is where the dentist makes a mold with your teeth and builds you custom bleaching trays. You still have to do this at home and it takes a long time. I have not personally tried this as it is too expensive and doesn't seem worth it compared to other options. A friend of mine used this though and had good results. This was several years ago however, before other methods were available. Pros: The trays should fit better and you are being supervised by a dentist. Cons: Takes a while, still can make your gums raw and is expensive.
  • Zoom or BriteSmile - These teeth whitening systems work with hydrogen peroxide and special lights that they shine on your teeth. A friend of mine used Zoom and WOW! Her teeth were glaringly white, like ridiculously white. I'm going to use this method when I feel like my teeth are getting dull again. Pros: Works in less than an hour and the results are very dramatic. Cons: Is more of an investment and may cause some teeth sensitivity for a few days. My friend who used this method was only allowed to eat white colored foods for two days after the procedure to ensure she didn't re-stain them right away.
  • Whitening Toothpaste - Most of the toothpaste companies have these now and they are all pretty much the same. If you check how much peroxide is in it you'll know which is the strongest. I use a whitening toothpaste occasionally still, it does seem to brighten up my smile a bit. Pros: cheap and easy to use. Cons: The difference is very, very slight. This is more for brightening up your smile after you use another whitening method.

So there you have it, those are the teeth whitening methods that I've personally had experience with. Wishing you bright white smiles for your wedding day!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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