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DIY Cheap Wedding Shoes In Silver or Gold

If you are searching for cheap wedding shoes...and I mean CHEAP, here are instructions for turning your favorite pair of sandals, heels, sling-backs or pumps into beautiful metallic silver wedding shoes. Gold metallic is just as easy, too. Did you know you can spray paint shoes?

Take any leather, fake leather or plastic pair of shoes in any color and you can turn them into metallic silver wedding shoes or metallic gold wedding shoes for the price of a can of spray paint. Yep, spray paint shoes!

Materials Needed:

  • shoes (make sure they are clean, free of dirt)
  • metallic spray paint (chrome silver or gold)
  • masking tape (if you want some parts of the shoe not to be silver, such as the soles)
  • a well-ventilated place to spray paint shoes

spray paint shoes materials

The shoes pictured in these instructions are not traditional "wedding shoes" but they could be used as a back up pair for dancing. I've actually been wearing these with jeans...which isn't wedding related, but I wanted to show pictures of the process!

before the spray paint

First, tape up any part of the cheap wedding shoes that you don't want spray painted silver or gold. Generally, you'll want to tape the inside of the shoe and the soles of the shoes.

taped shoes

Follow the instructions on the spray can as far as shaking and distance to spray. It is best to spray the silver or gold paint on the shoes small amounts at a time so it doesn't pool up and drip. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area, and outside is even better. Protect all surfaces from the spray paint.

spray painting shoes silver

Let dry completely before moving or touching. Again, follow can instructions, but most will be dry to the touch within a few hours. It is best to wait 24 hours before pulling off the tape on your cheap wedding shoes or wearing them.

silver spray painted shoes finished

Unlike other types of paint, spray painted shoes actually last a long time. The paint will not flake off or peel off, but it can scratch and scuff over time. You can always touch up your spray paint shoes with a little more silver or gold. For cheap wedding shoes though, the price can't be beat! A perfectly simple way to transform your favorite pair of shoes into gold or silver wedding shoes.

UPDATE: I've worn my spray paint shoes several times already and they look just the same as they did the first day. I get compliments all the time and not one person believes me when I tell them that I turned them silver myself!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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