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Signature Wedding Drink Ideas

Signature wedding drinks are a great way to add a personal touch to your reception as well as save money! Yes, you can save money this way, especially if you are in a venue where you can provide your own alcohol. You can serve just your special drink as well as beer and wine and not have to provde a full bar.

Unfortunately, many venues try to capitalize on this trend and offer their own "you pick your special drink" list for you to choose from. This often comes up with an incredible mark up so be sure to be very clear on costs upfront.

Most couples tend to choose a drink that they themselves love, but sometimes there isn't one in particular that fits. What then? Well there are a number of ways to narrow it down and get ideas. You can start with color even, pick a drink that fits in with your color scheme! Or by ingredients or even by name! Plenty of "love" themed cocktails.

Please note, these lists are by no means all-inclusive! With these ingredients you will find hundreds of drink recipes and ideas. This is just to give you ideas for color.

Signature Wedding Drink Ideas by Color of Ingredients:

signature wedding drink ideas

cocktails featuring cranberry juice, grenadine or strawberry & raspberry liquor

beautiful blues from blue curacao, blue vodkas (usually raspberry flavor)

drinks featuring orange juice, peach schnapps

look for recipes with creme de menthe, mint mojitos, Midori, sour apple schnapps, Absinthe

look for recipes with lemon, yellow Chartreuse

look for recipes that mix blue curacao with grenadine, cranberry & blueberry and Parfait Amour liqueur which is already purple

Be sure to try out your drink first and make sure it is tasty! But, um, not all of them in one night obviously.

Experiment and make up your own! Keep in mind that fancy ingredients like fresh blueberries will get much more costly. Also keep in mind the type of glass you will be serving it in. Martinis & wedding don't really mix in my opinion. Well, at least fun wedding receptions. Have you ever tried holding a martini and dancing? Enough said.

PS - food coloring! The drinks in the image were made with food coloring, after all it is food coloring in many of the ingredients making them that color! Easy and hassle free, just don't over do it.

Have fun!

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