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Seed Packet Wedding Favor - Ideas & Do It Yourself

Seed packet wedding favors are a delightful choice for wedding favors and are very cheap and easy to do yourself. Wedding favor seeds suggest new growth, just like a wedding marks your new lives together and the new growth of a family. Seed wedding favors are functional so they won't be considered "clutter" by your wedding guests. When your guests plant their wedding favor seeds (and most -but not all- will) the gift will keep on giving.

When you choose the wedding favor seeds something to keep in mind is ease of planting and flower upkeep for your guests. Some great choices are wildflower seed favors or flower seeds that are native to the area of your wedding location. Choosing favor seeds to match your color scheme is another idea, especially if your seed packet wedding favors will include an image of the flower somewhere on them. Some wedding planners suggest using forget-me-nots seed favors just based on the romantic name of these small blue flowers.

three DIY seed favor examples

Of course, you don't have to use flower seeds exclusively, there are many beautiful plants that you can choose seeds for such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and ornamental grasses. Consider using hot pepper seeds, carrot, watermelon, lavender, mint, basil or sage. It all depends on your theme!

Also keep in mind that some flowers you'll only find as bulbs (not seeds) such as tulips, lilies and begonias. While giving out flower bulbs as wedding favors is another great wedding favor idea, bulbs are harder to care for and will be more expensive for you.

To make do it yourself seed packet wedding favors there are a number of ways you can customize them. You can even purchase seeds in bulk at a gardening store for very cheap and then separate the seeds into individual seed packet favors. I've recently seen bulk wildflower seeds sold in one-gallon jugs for under $15 at a garden store. This would be more than enough flower seed for even a very large wedding.

  1. Tie up your wedding favor seed into small squares of fabric with a ribbon. Organza, silk or tulle works well. Cellophane or tissue paper is an even cheaper option. Attach a printed out tag to the ribbon that describes what the seed is, how & when to plant, etc. Be sure to include your names and wedding date if you want.

  2. Tiny blank paper envelopes work very well for personalized seed packet favors. Use personalized wedding stamps to decorate your seed packet envelopes.

  3. Find small glass jars or tins for your wedding favor seeds. While this is slightly more expensive, it will look very professional and decorative. Seeds seen through a tiny glass jar look very beautiful. Again, you could print sticker labels or attach a tag with ribbon.

Enjoy selecting your seed packet wedding favors!

Check out a Flower Centerpiece Idea that Goes With Seed Packet Wedding Favors for another great do it yourself idea.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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