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DIY Pocket Wedding Invitations

Learn to make these pocket wedding invitations with these instructions submitted by Tara, one of our readers! Tara writes:

First off I'm not cheap by any means. I just can't see spending money lots of money on things that will get thrown out or used for a very short amount of time. So I have decided to do a lot of my wedding things myself, mainly for the reason above, but also because I've set our wedding budget by about 1/2 of what the average wedding is these days. Our wedding is in October of 2010, so I have plenty of time to put things together.

diy pocket invites

So I've have decided to make our pocket wedding invitations. Looking at a few different DIY websites I've come up with an invitation that will also generate the reply card and the seating place card all coming out of one folder. Just one point before you decide to tackle this project...this one is very time consuming in a few areas so you need some time to assemble all of this.

I have only spent about $120 so far on ALL the supplies I needed for the pocket wedding invitations. I am not a crafty type, so I did not have any of the supplies, like a paper cutter so I have included my craft supplies in my price. I still have to buy some more folders (I only have enough for about 85 invitations, I'll need about 30 more) so all in all, I'm guessing around $150 will be spent for about 125 invitations/seating place cards/reply cards.

I will give a plug and say I bought all my paper supplies at Office Depot. My original thought was red folders with ivory paper for the invitation on the inside. But when I arrived at the store, they had some clearance paper on some racks right inside the door and I found a ream (500 sheets) of 24lb red paper for only THREE DOLLARS. So my invitations changed right there with the that purchase. I guess it was karma becuase I could not find the red folders I needed so I got the paper pocket folder in white, but looks a little off white. This has 10 folders in each package for less than $5 a pack. It is a 2 pocket folder on the inside (one side has slits for a business card). Get as many packs as you need invitations, but make sure you have some extras for any mistakes and ones to mess around with to see exactly what you like. (I've made a couple different ones and messed up on one.)

Each sheet of paper will make 2 pocket wedding invitations using the landscape feature as well as the 2 column feature in Microsoft Word. Using the same features you can produce 4 reply cards on one sheet of paper as well.

Now for the supplies needed for Pocket Wedding Invitations:

  • Two Pocket Folders; your quantity needed
  • Ream of your colored paper (i'll be using 24lb)
  • Greeting card Envelopes (5 3/4 x 8 3/4" for the invitation)
  • Invitations Card envelopes (4 3/8 x 5 3/4" for the reply card)
  • Paper Cutter that is comfortable for you to use
  • Pencil
  • Glues sticks (several)
  • Regular Pair of scissors
  • Decorative Scissors (optional)
  • Decorative stamps/stamp pad (optional)
  • Thin Ribbon

pocket wedding invitations

(Word of advice: once you make a prototype that you like, make all the rest of your invitations in an assembly style.)

1) Cutting all the folders down to size. Take one of the Invitations Envelopes and lay it on top of one of the folders, so the corner of the envelope is flush with the corner of the folder on the bottom left corner and lay the envelope in the long position. Using the pencil make a light mark on the top left corner of the folder where the envelope meets, the top right corner and right side on the folder where the envelope meets, and down on the right side bottom. This will give you 2 marks to line up on the paper cutter for the 2 cuts you need to make. First lay the folder (pockets closest to you) on the paper cutter. This is a thick cut because you will be going through basically 4 sheets thick by cutting thru the pockets. Make your long cut. I had to cut the 1st half of the folder off then make another cut thru the 2nd half of the folder. Next turn your folder and make your smaller cut along the top. Keep all of your scrapes (the top cut will be used to make your seating place card). Next, put your invitation into the envelope and check the cuts. Make any necessary cuts as needed. Use this Invitation as your template for the rest of your invitations. Repeat these cuts on all your folders by laying your template on top of the folder the same way you did the envelope and make your pencil marks for your cuts. Once you make a few and get the hang of it, the cuts will go much faster..but take your time anyway.

make pocket invitations

2) After all the folders where cut down to size, I used the smaller scrap (made from your second cut of the folder, the top of the folder) to make the Seating Place Card. Take your scrap and at the fold measure 2 inches (or smaller if you'd like). I found that 2" will leave a little of the off white showing once I put the red on showing the guest name and table. Place your scrap in the paper cutter and make your cut. Repeat this for all your small scraps. So far I haven't needed to use the larger scrap. But save it anyway, you never know.

3) The next step is to open the folder (invitation) and cut off the right side pocket. The right side will be used for your invitation wording and the left side pocket will be a place to hold your reply card, direction paper and anything else you send in your invitation. This part if very crucial and time consuming because the very middle of the pockets are glue down. Open up the invitation and using a pair of regular scissors, an exacto knife (anything sharp), score the very middle of the pocket wedding invitations (only where the pockets are).

do it yourself pocket invitations

Carefully, pull apart the pockets from the folder. TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't worry about the actual pocket part because you will cut some of the remaining pocket down and the right side will be used (and cut down a little) for the reply card, its the inside of the invitation you don't want to cut (although I've come to the conclusion a ribbon will probably be necessary to cover up the glue).

pocket invites

Next, cut off the right side pocket along the fold and then cut down the left pocket by about 1/3 the size.

diy pocket invitations

Once your cuts are done, you can use the glue stick to reglue the left side pocket back down. Just remember to only glue about 1/2 inch on each side, so all the papers can fit into the pocket. Once this is done, you have the basic concept of your pocket wedding invitations.

4) The next step is to do your detail on the front of the invitation so it is level. This I will leave open to you and what your wedding theme and colors are. I had some wedding (love) stamps, so I just marked where I wanted the stamp and layed it out on the pocket wedding invitations.

pocket fold invites

5) The next step is to make your worded invitation on the paper. Again, the wording is up to you and what ever style is you. I used Microsoft Word and used the landscape layout using 2 columns. Although if you don't know much about computers you can always just use a regular new page and center all your wording and just print it on one sheet. I also did the Reply Card in the same format as well. Once you print out your sheets (SPELLCHECK!!!!) you can cut them out using a decorative scissor that will cut a fancy border or you can just add a distinctive border on the printout. But I used the same border on everything that way it is all uniform.

pocket wedding invitations

Once printed, cut out and apply the paper to the right side with a glue stick. Make sure to apply enough glue. The same concept is used with the reply card. Use the folder flap from the right side you cut off. Using an Invitation envelope (the smaller one) cut the folder flap to size to fit in the invite envelope. Then apply the reply information sheet to the folder flap.

6) The last step is to use a thin ribbon and wrap it around the invitation (you will probably have to glue it down) and make a small bow on the outside. This will cover up the small imperfection on the inside from undoing the folder flaps.

pocket wedding invites

Your Finished Pocket Wedding Invitations:

diy pocket invites

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