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DIY Paper Flower Centerpiece Idea

This paper flower centerpiece is cheap. I mean CHEAP! You use glass bottles that you save (or get your friends and family to save for you too) sticks from your yard and tissue paper "flowers" in the color of your choice. Somehow the result is just so beautiful and airy, isn't it?

paper flower centerpiece

In addition to the bottle, sticks and tissue paper, you'll also need a hot glue gun, glue sticks and a stapler. If you are doing a lot of these, I'd also suggest having a 1.5" circle punch so you don't have to hand cut the circles which would take forever.

Instructions for this simple paper flower centerpiece:

Trim your sticks and put them in your bottles (or you could use regular vases if you are being fancy, ha ha) and cut the ends until you like the way they sit. Stick with just two or three per bottle to keep it minimal and less work for you! Of course a very large arrangement of these would be pretty spectacular.

cheap paper centerpiece paper circles

Put several layers (I used about 8) of tissue paper together and use your large circle punch (or hand cut if you are only doing a few) and cut out the circles.

staple paper flower staple in flower

Then staple through the layers in the center of your paper circles. This will become your flower, by fluffing it up and bending the layers.

make mini paper flower paper flower centerpiece wedding

Finally, use your hot glue gun and put a tiny dab on the tip of each stick and set the paper flowers on! You are finished!

I hope you enjoyed this super easy project. Obviously, the colors you use will match your weddingand the possibilites are amazing! If you want to dress up your bottle, check out the painted bottle tutorial on this page as well as other vase ideas.

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