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My Own Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Here are photos of my own wedding reception centerpieces that we made. Read and see how we made affordable yet meaningful arrangements that smelled amazing too!

I used antique mason jars as the vases for my wedding reception centerpieces, but did a modified version of the Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece Idea instructions. Instead of covering the jars, I labeled them with the table name, as though they were actual jars of food. The labels were printed from my computer on sticker paper and then added to the jars.

wedding reception centerpieces

These jars and their table names (Strawberry Jam Table, Raspberry Jam Table, Dill Pickle Table, etc) were to honor my grandmother - who has always been an avid canner. We even had dishes of her famous dilly beans on each of the table. (No, I won't share the recipe - it is a family secret!)

wedding centerpiece photo

Each round table sat 8 people and had three quart sized mason jars. One mason jar was filled with rosemary, mint, basil and other herbs. Another jar was filled with red roses and the final jar was filled with lavender and assorted purple flowers. Because of all of the herbs, the centerpieces smelled wonderful, mostly of lavender and herbs from the south of France, which was our theme. The jars had tiny limes and leaves floating in the water, as decoration since you could see through the clear glass.

mason jar centerpiece

We also had about 5 small tea light candles scattered around the table and also had opened red and white wine bottles on each of the table as part of the wedding reception centerpieces. We were going for festive and a family dinner party on the Mediterranean. The reception was outdoors.

wedding reception tables

mason jar tables

My choice of wedding reception centerpieces was perfect for us because it had special meaning and went with our theme. To find something perfect for you, check out the Wedding Reception Centerpieces main page for DIY centerpiece projects.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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