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Mother and Groom Wedding Song List

Choosing a mother and groom wedding song to dance to is a wonderful sentiment. Everyone has heard of the father and daughter dance, but doing a seperate mother and groom dance is something fairly new. Some couples choose to do the father/daughter and mother/son dance at the same time and there are many great songs that can be used for both. See article on daughter and father wedding songs because many songs overlap.

Things to keep in mind when you pick out your mother and groom wedding song is that it must be easy to dance to. There is nothing wrong with choosing a song that is upbeat to fast dance to! That would encourage a very fun and celebratory mood, and it would be unique since most people slow dance.

You don't have to pick out something that is traditional either, or something that says anything about mothers and sons, etc. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be perfect for you. If that means dancing to the Sesame Street Theme Song...great! (This was actually done at a wedding I was involved in, it was the groom's first memories of his mother, singing the theme song and watching the show with him as a child. What a perfect choice for them!)

Be sure to run your ideas by your mother for the mother and groom wedding song too, she may have excellent ideas of what would be a great song to dance to. She may also have strong objections about a particular song that you don't know about. I personally have had songs "ruined" for me based on memories, people I dated, etc...this happens a lot so ask her.

You also don't need to pick a song with lyrics, it can be instrumental and not "say" anything. What you are saying is simply that you are taking the time to dance with the people you care about, and that is the whole point of the dance anyway.

At my own wedding, we didn't do the mother and groom wedding song dance, nor did we do the father and daughter dance to particular songs. We all just took turns dancing with each other throughout the night. This works fine too, so it is really up to you as to how formal or planned you want to be.

Go to our mother and groom wedding song list for a bunch of songs that are perfect for this dance. This list is great for ideas as many times a certain song will remind you of another song that isn't on the list!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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