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Instructions for Making a Bridal Veil

Here are complete instructions for making a bridal veil. Anyone can do this as long as you have a little time to spend on the trim! The following instructions are for a veil attached to a comb.

When I was wedding veil shopping I was shocked by some of the prices I saw. I couldn't believe I was expected to pay anywhere from $100-$300 for a rectangular piece of flimsy fabric sewn onto a cheap plastic comb. I knew I could do it for much less and I did! My "do it yourself veil" cost me less than $25.

My Finished Homemade Veil:

my do it yourself veil

Making a Bridal Veil Materials:

  • Fabric - Tulle, organza, chiffon, silk, etc. The veil pictured is tulle and cost only $1.99 per yard. Most come in standard 108" width, but I cut mine in half so it was only 54" wide because I wanted it sheer and not bunchy. Length is up to you! Measure the length from where on your head it will attach down to where you'd like it to fall. For more info go to the article Veil Info to Keep In Mind When Making a Bridal Veil which has different length measurements and fabric options.
  • Thread - Select thread that matches the color of your veil or use silver metallic thread if your edging will be silver metallic.

  • veil thread and beads

  • Comb - Any plastic comb will do, but clear is probably the best color. I purchased mine at a craft store for $2.99.
  • Trims - Options include crystal beads, pearl colored beads, sequins, ready made trims, satin cording and ribbon. Any trim that is ready made will be faster than sewing on individal beads or sequins when making a bridal veil.

Making a Bridal Veil Instructions:

Once you have the piece of fabric cut to desired length and width you will need to sew on your trim. Some fabrics actually do not need trim as they won't unravel, but most look best trimmed. You will only need to trim three sides of the veil since the top of the veil will be sewn onto your comb. Fold over the edge of the veil and add your trim to the three sides using a needle and thread. The trim shown is white satin cord.

sew veil trim

Before trimming, you may want to round out the bottom edges of the veil. Place a CD disc on the corner and trace the round contour and then cut the rounded corner with scissors. This is optional.

To attach the trimmed veil to the comb, find the center of the top edge of your veil and sew it onto the center of your comb. Bunch up the veil and continue to sew it onto the comb. Make sure you sew it onto the outside of the comb, the convex (rounded out) side.

veil sewn on comb

Finish making your bridal veil by adding matching trim or beads to the top of the sewn on part of your comb. This will cover up any visible stitches.

beads on veil comb

Always a good idea to have someone help you with your veil. I advise that even with a comb, a few bobby pins should be used to secure the veil in place.

putting on veil

So get yourself to a fabric store and start looking for veil fabric and trims so you can start making a bridal veil!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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