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Make an Earthy Lavender Wedding Bouquet

A lavender wedding bouquet is unique in that it will dry out beautifully on its own after your wedding. They are rustic and earthy looking and of course they smell amazing!

I love lavender and have quite a bit of it growing in my yard. It was a huge element in my own do it yourself wedding centerpieces and in my bouquet as well. We also purchased pots of growing lavender and used them to line the walkways of the aisle and the entrance to the reception area. Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of using this versatile and hardy flower if you can.

It is a very low water plant and survives in dry and hot conditions. This means it is excellent as a cut flower because it doesn't require water to stay fresh looking. Even when it dries out, it retains the shape and stays together for the most part for several days.

lavender wedding bouquet

The scent is actually not much in the flower itself, but in the leafy part down below. This means you'll want to leave some of the leafy part where you'll hold it so you can retain the scent, rather than stripping each stem like with most flowers. Your hands will smell amazing!

raffia on lavender bouquet diy lavender bouquet

Cut at various lengths so it creates a natural looking lavender wedding bouquet that looks casually "picked" and then just wrap with something natural, like raffia as shown.

It is in season in summer (roughly May - August) so keep that in mind if you are needing to source it.

Head to the Do It Yourself Wedding Bouquets section for even more DIY projects with other flowers!

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