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Jewish Wedding Tradition

There are many wedding elements that are specific to the Jewish wedding tradition. Jewish weddings are full of rich symbols and customs, creating loads of "do it yourself" wedding opportunities! While many wedding crafts overlap, there are several uniquely Jewish related crafts featured in this section for you to browse and get inspired by.

From creating the artwork for your own Ketubah to building your own Chuppah, there are many ways you can personalize a Jewish wedding with do it yourself projects. Kits for the glass you break, having others sew you a chuppah and more project ideas to be discovered here! Mazel Tov on your upcoming wedding!

Jewish Wedding Do It Yourself Projects:

Jewish Wedding Tradition: The Chuppah-Build It Yourself
You can build your own wedding chuppah easily with these detailed instructions and photos. Whether you want a free-standing chuppah or one that is held by guests, these instructions will suit your needs.

Portable DIY Chuppah Instructions
A diy chuppah project for a portable canopy. Great way to build one yourself cheaply and have the results look fantastic! Price breakdown too.

Unique Chuppah Cover Ideas To Create Yourself
Do you know the rules about chuppahs? Tips and ideas on how to choose or create a meaningful chuppah cover.

More Wedding Canopy Instructions
Here is another chuppah canopy project with tons of photos and instructions! This one is built using wooden poles and a garden trellis.

Jewish Wedding Program Sample Text
Planning to write your own programs? Check out this sample program for ideas on how to explain Jewish wedding traditions that you'll include in your ceremony.

Jewish Wedding Invitation Wording
How are Jewish wedding invites different than other wedding invitations? Here are a few sample texts and quotes that are popular choices for Jewish invites.

Jewish Wedding Tradition: Breaking of the Glass
Mazel Tov! Learn different interpretations of this popular wedding custom and ideas for crafting your own custom fabric pouch.

Jewish Wedding Rings
What exactly is a Jewish wedding ring? Learn what makes a ring Jewish and the history of using rings in ceremonies.

What to Expect at a Jewish Wedding
This article is contributed by guest author, David Simons and details the traditions of an orthodox or conservative Jewish wedding.

Jumping the Broom Wedding Tradition
While this isn't a Jewish wedding custom necessarily, I've been to 3 multi-cultural Jewish weddings where they included this ritual. Learn the meaning, history and some DIY ideas too!

No two weddings are alike, and no two Jewish weddings are alike either! While most people think of chuppahs and the breaking of the glass as the important Jewish wedding customs, these things aren't actually even required. There are only three things that are required to make a Jewish wedding, well...Jewish. First, the bride must accept something of value from the groom. (Value being worth more than a few cents, nowadays it is most often a ring.) Second, the groom must recite a phrase in Hebrew which basically says he is taking the bride as his wife and third, both of those two things must be witnessed. That is it! Pretty simple, eh?

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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