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Jewish Wedding Rings - What this Means and Where to Buy Them

Jewish wedding rings aren't hard to find and if you know what to look for, there are thousands of options for you. Whether you want a traditional plain gold band or a more modern option with engraved hebrew or just want to be sure to buy direct from Israel you have options right at your fingertips!

You may be wondering what makes a bridal ring Jewish in the first place. Good question! First of all, please know that a ring is not even required in a Jewish wedding. One of the three things required in a wedding is that the bride must accept something of value from the groom. (The other two being the groom recites a Hebrew phrase saying he takes the bride as his wife and that both of these needs to be witnessed.) This is where the ring comes into play, but it is not required that it is a ring. Rings were also commonly borrowed from the community.

jewish wedding rings Jewish wedding rings are plain solid gold bands. Period. No diamonds! No gemstones. Just plain solid gold. This is traditional and the most authentic wedding ring. However, styles change and people become modern and lose traditions. Engraving is now popular and accepted as well as using other metals, like white gold or platinum.

Even more modern couples (and less traditional) choose diamonds and other fancy jewelry in line with popular American customs but make sure that they purchase from Israel. The belief is that by supporting Israel it makes the diamond more Jewish.

When in doubt, please discuss it with your rabbi! Even many conservative rabbis (and a few reform ones I've heard about) require a plain solid band for their ceremonies. If this seems boring to you, you can certainly use a plain band during the ceremony and choose a more elaborate ring for later.

During the ceremony, jewish wedding rings are placed on the right hand pointing finger. Yes! You read that correctly! Not, the traditional American "left hand ring finger". You may choose to size your ring for your right hand pointing finger and wear it there or you can have it the wrong size and only put it partially on during the ceremony and remove it afterwards. Again, check with your rabbi, as their requirements may differ.

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