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Ideas for Wedding Favors - Candle Wedding Favors

We have plenty of ideas for wedding favors that you can make yourself, like this personalized candle wedding favor project!

Candles are a practical favor, one that guests can enjoy after the wedding. They are so incredibly easy to make and if you make them yourself they are actually very affordable! We will show you step by step how to make them yourself!

We enjoy making these so much that we've given them as holiday gifts too. They are very customizable and you can personalize them with your own labels, wax color and of course scent! If your venue allows it, having a few burning at your reception will give off a lovely ambiance.

ideas for wedding favors

Now if candles aren't your thing but you like practical favors, you might want to check out some of our other DIY projects, like Wedding Soap Favor Ideas or Seed Packet Favor Ideas! Course, we have tons more in our Ideas for Wedding Favors section.

Instructions for how to make candle wedding favors:

You'll need metal candle tins, , wicks, soy wax, essential oils if you want to use a scent and either coloring wax (or crayons) for color. For the labels you can use colored decorative papers or print right on sticker paper. There a many online retailers for candle making supplies, but I purchased all of the supplies for this project from Bramble Berry in their candle making section.

candle making favors candle wedding favors

I used the soy wax and they come in shaved pieces in bags. Simply melt in a large pot on your stove. You don't really need to use a double boiler or anything (I didn't) just melt slowly and stir. Once melted I added a bottle of lavender essential oil and also two purple crayons to add a slight color and then used a measuring cup to help pour the hot wax into the tins.

wedding favor ideas wicks wedding favor ideas candles

If you are using smaller tins you'll need to trim your wicks so they don't fall over in the hot wax as easily. They come with little metal "stands" attached so you just pour in the hot wax and then place your wick into the wax. As the wax becomes solid it will hold the wick in place perfectly!

ideas for wedding favors homemade wedding favors labels

You can see that as the wax cooled it solidified into a pretty light lavender color. Once fully cooled (wait overnight) you can make your labels! I used regular 8.5" by 11" decorative paper and printed labels onto it and then cut out the circles.

candle wedding favor labels wedding favor candle idea

Next, I took the circles and ran them through my Xyron sticker maker! You could also just glue the labels on or you could print directly onto sticker paper for your labels.

wedding favor ideas candles diy

Have fun making your own candle wedding favors!

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It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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