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DIY Wedding Huppa Cover Ideas

The actual cloth of the wedding huppa (or chuppah, huppah) can be any type of cloth, any color and any pattern. There are no Halakhic requirements (Jewish laws) about what it looks like. There are also no size requirements, but it must be large enough for at least the couple to stand under. Talk to your rabbi about his/her rules about who stands under the wedding chuppah during the ceremony. Some believe it should be solely the bride and groom and others invite other family and friends to stand under it so you'll need to keep this in mind when choosing size.

Be sure to read our related article on how to Build Your Own Huppa which includes instructions on how to build the poles, create holders or stands and how to attach the huppa cloth to the poles.

  • Quilt Huppa--Pass out 1 foot by 1 foot squares of fabric to special friends and family to have them decorate them with well-wishes and designs. (This could be a project at an engagement party or wedding shower if you are having one.) Then sew the individual squares together to create the wedding canopy.

  • Fabric Huppa--Purchase colorful fabric from a fabric store that matches your wedding colors. It can be embellished with words, quotes, designs, the date, sequins and drawn on with fabric markers or fabric paint.

  • Traditional Tallit--Use a large tallit as your wedding chuppah. This could be one from your family or purchase a new one that will then having meaning after it is used in your wedding ceremony.

tallit huppa cover

Tallit Huppa

  • Meaningful Fabric--Create your wedding canopy cover out of meaningful fabric. Use parts of childhood clothing, a grandmother's apron or your mother's wedding veil for example and it automatically has powerful meaning.
  • Tablecloth--Yes, it sounds weird, but there are beautiful tablecloths that would be the perfect size for a chuppa. Check at Judaica stores for woven tablecloths with Judaic themes and embroidery.

After your wedding, there are a number of great things you can do with your wedding huppah. You can use it as a bedspread, a wall hanging, use it as a special table cloth for holidays or your anniversary. Create a baby blanket out of it. Keep it and store it with the hopes that someday your future children will use it for their weddings, or just enjoy it for yourself.

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It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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