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How to Make a Wedding Garter Instructions and Photos

A bridal garter is a fun and easy project to sew. Here are complete instructions for how to make a wedding garter! By doing it yourself you can have a truly special keepsake in any colors you like and it is easy to personalize with beads or charms.

Keep in mind that many brides choose to have two garters if they are planning on doing the garter toss. One to throw and one to keep! Some element of blue such as blue beads, trim, lace or ribbon is also often used for the "something borrowed something blue" tradition.

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  • Fabric strip - 3 inches wide by one and a half times leg measurement
  • Lace - any lace is fine, this is used as trim, same length as fabric strip
  • Elastic - 1/2" wide
  • Charms, etc - You can add personalized charms, beads or other trims as you wish. These can be sewed on or glued on with a glue gun.

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Instructions for How to Make a Wedding Garter:

Be sure to measure your thigh where the garter will go. Use this measurement plus 1/2 to get the correct length of fabric and lace trim.

  • Fold fabric strip in half lenthwise with the wrong side out. Sew this edge then turn inside out so the correct fabric side is facing out and the sewed edge is in the center of the fabric tube.

  • garter instructions sew

  • Iron the tube so the seam is in the back center (which will be hidden against your leg) and then sew the lace onto the bottom edge.
  • Slide the elastic into the tube. If this is difficult you can put a safety pin on the end of the elastic to help glide it through. Wrap your bridal garter around your leg and trim the elastic to where it is a comfortable fit. Sew the elastic edges together and finishing by hand-sewing the ribbon and fabric ends together.
  • Lastly, you can sew on additional charms, beads, bows, rosettes or whatever embellishments you like!

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