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Homemade Wedding Favors

homemade wedding favor
One of the most fun and rewarding wedding crafts is to make your own homemade wedding favors. Do it yourself wedding favors are a way to say thank you to your guests. Plus, wedding favor crafts are so easy and cheap to make yourself if you use a little creativity.

A favor is a little token of the two of you, presented to everyone. A favor can be a keepsake that the guests take home, or an edible favor that is likely to be eaten before dinner is served. Some favors help guests join in the celebration (noisemakers, bells, etc) or are functional at the actual wedding (such as champagne glasses). Others, like wedding CD favors are to be enjoyed by guests later. Another popular choice is to use seed packet wedding favors which are decorative, symbolic and functional. So may wedding favor crafts! So little time!

Here you'll find many ideas and instructions on how to make your own favors, as well as suggestions on where to get supplies. Whether you want edible, functional or keepsake favors, you'll find many unique ideas and instructions here for wedding favor crafts!

Homemade wedding favor instructions, ideas & related articles:

Homemade Candle Wedding Favors - Make your own candle wedding favors really easily! Full step by step instructions for these practical and affordable DIY favors.

homemade wedding favors candles
Recycled Mini-Notebook Favors - DIY mini-notebooks (aka matchbook notebooks) out of recycled paper towel rolls! Very eco-friendly, cheap and cute.

Lollipop Flag Favors & Place Cards - These adorable candy favors double as seating cards for your guests! Lollipop flags are perfect for a fun and casual wedding. Cheap too.

Personalized Matchboxes - Create personalized matchboxes with your own wedding colors, logo, names, dates, messages or whatever you like! A super cheap DIY project that will save you money!

Wedding Favor Soap Making - Make your own wedding soap favors using the simple melt and pour soap method! Choose scents you love and get creative with packaging!

Wedding Favors for Kids - DIY Activity Books - Have kids at your wedding reception? Keep them busy and entertained by making some personalized activity books! These are great favors for kids and give them something to do while people are giving speeches.

DIY Eco Friendly Wedding Favors - Let your wedding favors show that you care about the environment too! Several DIY ideas for eco-friendly favors.

Personalized Animal Cracker Favors - Cute and perfect for the kids! Little baggies of animal crackers with a personalized closure.

Seed Packet Homemade Wedding Favors - Instructions and ideas on packaging, selecting seeds and personalizing seed favors. Do it yourself and be, you'll save money!

Recycled Seed Packets - Yet another use for paper towel rolls! This time packaging for seeds. Adorable, cheap and of course eco-friendly.

Scented Bath Scrub Homemade Wedding Favors - Scented bath scrubs are easy and cheap to make. Great gifts for bridesmaids, hotel guests or as wedding favors. Complete instructions with photos.

CD Wedding Favors - A discussion of how to create homemade CD wedding favors and if this is the right choice for you and your guests. Also check out the related Wedding CD Label & Wedding CD Cover article to get instructions on customize the look of your CD favors.

Handmade Matchbook Favor Alternative - An alternative to the matchbook favor! Simple instructions for creating this personal and cute favor.

Edible Homemade Wedding Favors

Winter Wedding Favor Idea: Hot Cocoa in Bottles - Great way to package homemade hot cocoa mix! Cheap winter wedding favors that are sure to warm the hearts of your guests with their cuteness and fuctionality.

Wedding Cookie Table - Let your guests pick their favorite cookies in a to go box! Great fun for guests and can be done on the cheap.

Wedding Cookie Recipe - Delicious and easy cookie favors! Use cut-outs to create yummy favors that your guests will enjoy. These can be freezed for a couple weeks so you can make them ahead of time--no last minute panic!

Cookie Recipe Favors in Mason Jars - Give guests all the dry ingredients for yummy cookies in a decorative mason jar! A very personal and easy favor to make!

Packaging Ideas

DIY Favor Boxes - These diy favor boxes are customizable and can be created just out of a single sheet of paper!

Custom Stamps for Homemade Wedding Favors - A must read if you are looking for a way to personalize favors or other aspects of your wedding. Create your own personalized and custom stamps to decorate your favors with!

Or, even better, why not try carving your own stamps for a completely personalized design!

Maybe you want letterpress tags for a professional look. This page is a review & tutorial of an at home letterpress printing machine that is tons of fun!

Seasonal Ideas

Fall Themed Wedding Favors - Having a fall wedding? These are the perfect answer to an autumn themed wedding. Cheap and easy favors that you'll love.

Christmas Wedding Ideas - Christmas favors and more ideas for holiday themed weddings.

What are YOUR Ideas? Click here to show & tell your homemade wedding favors!

I have to say I've been to quite a few weddings where the favors were left on the tables. Did the guests not know they were favors? Did they just not want them? This made me begin to wonder if they were necessary at all for my own wedding. I've also been to a few weddings where there weren't any favors, and if I wasn't in ultra-wedding-planning-mode (where I took note of every little detail) I probably would have missed them. However, I've come to realize that the unique and personalized favors always make it home with the guests. Do it yourself wedding favors get noticed!

I went to a wedding last May and I didn't feel any attachment to the little mass-produced wedding favors that were arranged on the tables. I could have gone out and bought the $1.00 favor myself and I'd seen them a million times at other weddings. However, when I see a favor that is personalized and/or homemade it makes me feel like I got a little glimpse into the couple's personal world. It feels friendly. It feels genuine. It can even feel a bit sentimental or romantic.

An example of a great favor I recently saw was what my friends Arlene & Wendell used at their wedding. They baked mini ginger breads and put them in cellophane tied with a red ribbon. I don't think there was a single crumb left on the tables at the end of the night! They are both professional chefs, and Arlene is known for her bread baking, so it was a wonderful, personal glimpse into their lives...what they are all about. You don't have to be a professional chef to come up with excellent, homemade wedding favors though!

Anyway, the choice is yours. You can certainly skip the favors altogether if you want, but they are the ultimate place to personalize and do it yourself in weddings! Favors are a little token of yourselves that you give to your guests. Homemade wedding favors can be based on a theme, a hobby, a passion that the two of you have. It can highlight a skill or interest (in Arlene & Wendell's example, they are chefs so it was natural that they used food) or it can be symbolic of something you want to convey. It could commemorate how or where the two of you met or have something to do with your backgrounds.

I can't tell you what to pick for your homemade wedding favors, but I can offer you a lot of inspiration! One more thing, making favors with your fiancé (or friends, family, etc) is a fun project AND it will likely save you money.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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