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Home Made Cream Cheese Wedding Mints !

by Tia Hamm
(Wayland, Iowa)

Home Made Cream Cheese Wedding Mints

Home Made Cream Cheese Wedding Mints

Easy Project- Inexpensive & Freezable so you can make them up 2 months ahead of time.

My daughter Jessica requested I make her home made mints for her wedding. The picture above is the mints I made for her wedding ( Blue and White Rossettes & Pink and White Hearts and Doves for her Bridal Shower) Never having made mints before, I did alot of research and gathered the help of a few friends. Found out how simple and easy they were to make, and best of all the are freezable ! Jessica's wedding is not until June and I made these 6 weeks in advance and put in the freezer. You can make mints to match the color scheme of your wedding. This recipe makes about 100-125 mints depending on the size of your molds. I suggest that you mix each batch one at a time, if you need more than this.

* Hint you might want to ask your friends or co-workers if they have any mint molds to borrow. If not you can find this stuff online as well as Michaels Craft Stores and Hobby Lobby sells these items also, you can call around to your local bigger craft stores *


(1) 8 ounce Package of Cream Cheese (do not use light or fat free)
(1) 2 lb bag of powder sugar
Regualr White Sugar to roll into.
Wax Paper
Food Coloring of Choice - In Paste or gel form- not liquid.
Mint Flavoring or Candy Flavorings.

Food coloring (in paste form) I used Wiltons brand found in craft store)
Mint Molds of your choice - they can also be found in craft stores and online for just a few dollars per mold.

1. Take cream cheese out and left soften in a bowl for about an hour at room temperature.

2. By hand you want to add about 1/2 the powder sugar and begin mixing by hand and keep adding the rest of the poweder sugar. It will seem tough at first but then all of a sudden it will form into a soft pliable ball.

3. At this point you will add in your flavoring & food coloring and continue to mix and kneed by hand till you get the color and taste you desire.

4. After your mint dough is chilled, pour regular sugar into a bowl and

4. Place your mint mix ball in the fridge- covered- to firm up a bit-usually 30 min is enough.

5. Set up your work space, clear a place at your kitchen table to sit. Line cookie pans with wax paper, place a bowl with regular sugar in it, butter knife and or cource your molds and mint mix.

6. Begin by rolling a small ball size of mint mix and then rolling it into the sugar and then pressing into your mold, scrap off excess with knife then turn your mold over and the mint should pop right out. Be sure to use alot of regular sugar to roll your mint ball into to prevent sticking to the mold.

7. Once cookie sheet is filled with mints, pop that into the freezer for about 15 minutes, then layer with wax paper into a freezable container to freeze if you desire.

8. Remove from freezer 24 hours prior to plating and serving.

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Copyright© 2004-2009 by Amber Dusick. All rights reserved.