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Handmade Wedding Favors the Matchbook Favor Alternative Instructions

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In my opinion, the store bought variety of wedding favors have become a bit tasteless. You know, the kind that you order to have the bride and groom's names printed or silk screened onto. There's something to lack of class and elegance in a personalized matchbook, bottle opener, or drink coaster, just to name a few.

If you ask me, the best wedding favors I have ever seen were Handmade. They were favors that were keepsake's rather than something functional like a pen or a bookmark bearing the happy couple's names. Sure I might use a bookmark, but in the end it will end up in the trash. Let's face it - most of these types of wedding favors will end up in the trash. They are just plain cheesy!

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I can tell you that it was over five years ago the last wedding I attended that did have handmade wedding favors and I still have the favor. It was a seed packet favor. I was so enamored with it that I tucked it away and kept it along with alot of my other sentimental keepsakes. The favor was designed to match the fall/autumn theme of the wedding. The entire scene was covered in rich earthy tones, pumpkins and macintosh apples. It took place in the woods in Maine alongside a pond. It was beautiful.

The seed packet favor contained some pumkin seeds. On the front of the packet was a small print of the happy couple nuzzling in their fall sweaters. There was a saying underneath the picture. Grow an heir to the wedding pumpkin. "Shall we choose the day?" she asked and carved the number into the very pumpkin. He agreed.

Handmade favors like this have so much more sentimentality than anything you could ever buy. And I believe your guests will appreciate them much more as well. The wedding favor idea I came up with is inspired slightly by the seed packet favors I came across that day. These are versatile favors in that you can match them to absolutoly any theme or color scheme. It is intended to look like a matchbook wedding favor only prettier and with much more class. When you open up this "matchbook" it will contain a picture of the couple and a poem or a clever quote about how the couple met or how he proposed.

How to make the faux matchbook wedding favor:

When I created my favors I used blank index cards for the base of the favor. You can buy the index cards completely blank without any lines or anything. These are the perfect size and can still fit into your computers printer to print names onto them if you wanted.

wedding favors matchbook

Start by printing the couple's names onto the index cards. You can do this simply enough with a desktop publishing program or even a simple word processor. Once you have opened the program choose File>document setup and enter the exact measurements of the cards you are using. Type the text wherever you want it placed on the favor keeping in mind where the fold will be.

The next step is to create the words for the inside of the card. Choose a simple wedding or love themed romantic poem, or even a clever quote. The inside of my favor reads "I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance, A church filled with family and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for, He said one that would make me his wife."

To get this onto paper use the same program you used for the front of the favor. Set up the document to be a regular 8 1/2" by 11" page and type in the poem several times onto one page. If you are using a word processor maximize the use of space by creating two columns on the page. Make sure and center the text to make it as pleasing to the eye as possible. To go a step further try using a pretty scrolling font.

Print the page out and simply cut these poems out of the page using a good hand paper cutter. Use the rulers on the side of the cutter to ensure that you are cutting the poems out straight.

You will also want to add a small picture to the inside of the favor. If money is no object than go right ahead and have a picture developed into extra small prints. Otherwise I recommend using your digital camera and photo editing software to crop and print photos off of your home computer's printer. You can even set them up so you have several on a page and print them onto regular printer paper. Simply cut them out and attatch them to the inside of the wedding favors.

One more option would be to choose a photo that you love, crop it by hand and bring it to a local copy shop. Color copiers print great quality prints. They can even shrink a picture to be smaller or bigger and can duplicate the image many times to one page.


To fold the favor to resemble a matchbook first fold one side about a half inch in from the edge to create a small flap. Next fold the opposite side so that its edge falls underneath the flap. You may want to consider scoring the card first as this will produce a nice neat fold. Most personal hand cutters have a scoring tool but if this is not an option for you and your fold is wrinkling try running the flat edge of a ruler against the fold.

Once you favors are folded use a glue stick to attatch the poems and pictures to the inside of the card. You can even go a step further and attatch them to another seperate piece of paper such as a premium cotton paper or even a decorative vellum. Cut these pices to be slightly smaller than the inside of the favor and fold the piece of paper in half and attatch it at the fold with a small amount of glue.

The last step in making these wedding favors is to decorate the outside of the favor. My personal favorite way to do this is by using srapbooking background paper or a similiar decorative type of paper. Cut the paper to be the same dimensions as your cards, minus the half inch flap. Use a gluestick to cover the underside of the paper and attatch it to the matchbook favor.

You can also decorate the front with paper punches, die cuts, or rubber stamps. Try using a handmade paper instead of decorative patterned paper or even use fabric. Lastly, attatch a length of ribbon around th eoutside of the favor. Do this by using a craft glue like Elmer's. Apply it to the ribbon using a Q-tip or small artists paint brush. Only attach the ribbon across the back and about half way across the front of the favor, leaving it loose across the flap. Once the glue has dried tie the ribbon in a bow and snip of any extra bits of ribbon.

For more tips for making handmade paper goods for weddings and parties or to contact the author visit her site, Do It Yourself Invitations where you can find wedding invitation ideas including free printable PDF invitation templates!

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