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Easy Fruit Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Want and easy way to have unique arrangements? How about one of these fruit wedding centerpiece ideas? Many brides are looking for ways to skip flowers completely or to "dress up" cheaper flowers.

You can have an arrangement with only a few flowers (thus saving money) and decorate the vase with fruit instead. As a bonus, many of the fruits you might use (such as citrus) will make your tables smell amazing!

I would stay away from cut bananas because they turn to mush and also cut apples because they brown too easily, even in water. However, using these as whole fruits is just fine.

lemon centerpiece flowers

You can simply arrange various fruits in clear glass vases. I've seen different fruit arrangements on each table which turned out stunning--a lemon table, apples, oranges, limes, etc. This was done at a very festive and colorful summer wedding.

sliced lemon centerpiece

Sliced fruits is another option and will be very fragrant. (Note: your hands will smell like lemons or oranges so wear gloves if you are doing this on your wedding day and you don't like the smell!) You can insert a smaller vase inside the first for flowers and slide the slices between the two. The easiest option though it to use florist's foam to insert your flowers stems into and then slide the slices between the foam and the glass. Cut your foam to be just slightly smaller than your vase for your fruit wedding centerpiece so the slices fit and stay put.

lemon roses centerpiece

Experiment with different fruits and color combinations and mix and match fruits within the same vase! Grapes would be great for a wine themed wedding. Mix red & green grapes for interesting fruit centerpieces.

grapes centerpiece

Have fun experimenting with fruit centerpiece ideas!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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