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DIY French Manicure With a Nail Whitening Pencil

I love using a whitening pencil for a french manicure because I'm unfortunately not blessed with naturally pretty nails. They are thin, break easily and have a yellowish tinge to them. For my wedding day I wanted a french manicure look without an expensive salon price. My favorite nail related product for people with natural nails like mine is a nail whitening pencil. If you are a nail biter like I used to be or have very short nails, you can check out this method of "Do It Yourself French Manicure Nails" instead.

Here are do it yourself french manicure instructions and tips for using a whitening pencil:

You'll need:

  • A nail whitening pencil. Many companies make these and you can find them in the nail section of drugstores. They cost from $2-$6 depending on brand. A nail whitening pencil looks just like an eyeliner pencil. You can sharpen it with a normal pencil sharpener (or eyeliner sharpener) too.

french manicure pencil

Make sure your hands are washed and there is no dirt under your fingernails. It is easiest if the pencil is very sharp, so sharpen it if necessary.

Some of the instructions on the packages say to leave your hands and nails wet, but this doesn't really work. A better way to do it is to just wet the tip of the pencil before applying to your nails. All you do it color in the underside of your fingernails to the tips of your nails are white as in a french manicure.

Here are my fingers done the the french manicure pencil right before my wedding:

french manicure

One thing to keep in mind is that since the white pencil is basically just like drawing under your nails with colored pencil, it does wash off eventually when you wash your hands. For your wedding nails you'll want to use the pencil after you shower so you don't wash off all the white of the french manicure.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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