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Do It Yourself French Manicure Instructions for Wedding Nails

A professional or a do it yourself French manicure is the choice of many brides for wedding nails because it shows up beautifully in photographs, especially black and white. Here are French manicure instructions for one type of do it at home manicure. This do it yourself French manicure kit looks just like salon manicures but the total cost is under $10.00...and it doesn't ruin your nails!

Here is a photo of my french manicured nails done using these instructions & the kit I mention below:

do it yourself french manicure

To use these french manicure instructions you'll need:

  • A french manicure kit from a drugstore. I've tried many different kits and my favorite one is by Fing'rs California Girl, Salon French II. Yes, the packaging looks cheesy but this one is the best. No one will know you got your beautiful wedding nails out of a package. This kit usually costs around $6.50. These only come in square tip so I file them down to a round shape.

  • A nail file. Those cardboard ones work fine. This is used to file the square shape to the rounded shape (if you want) or to file down the part that sticks to your nail if it doesn't fit you properly.

  • A nail clippers to trim the nails shorter or to shape the nail so it fits your nail bed better.

french manicure instructions

First, make sure you don't have any nail polish on and that your nails are clean. Push back your cuticles if they have grown too far down on your nails.

Go through the nail sizes and match them up to your nails so you have all the right sizes layed out in advance. If you have short nail beds like I do you may need to trim off some of the bottom of the fake nail. Trim with the clippers and then smooth and shape the bottom with the nail file. Get all 10 of your do it yourself french manicure nails ready to go before putting any of them on, but don't bother to trim or shape the white "nail" part yet, you'll do that once you have them on.

I suggest gluing on all the nails on your right hand first if you are right-handed. You'll have better control of your right hand with the nails on than you would if you did your left hand first. Start with your pinky finger and place a dot of glue on your nail and then press the fake nail on and hold it there. You must hold it there tightly to avoid getting air bubbles. Don't worry if a little glue seeps out from under the nail on the sides, you can clean this up later when it dries.

Continue doing all your nails. When you are finished, let the glue dry for about five minutes. Then you can use the nail clippers and clip the nails to make them shorter and/or shape them into a round shape. Use the nail file and shape the nails just as though they are your real nails.

This type of manicure should be done the day before your wedding, or even the morning of your wedding. Depending on the amount of glue you used, these do it yourself french manicure wedding nails will start to get loose and fall off anywhere from 3-7 days. When they do come off you can clean up any excess glue on your nails with nail polish remover that contains acetone. You can also remove the nails earlier this way too.

When I used to wear this type of do it yourself french manicured nails people always asked me how I grew my nails so long or where I get my nails done. (I've since quit biting my fingernails and now wear my natural nails.) Not one person ever thought I did them myself. Nobody will know you spent under $10 on a kit for your wedding nails if you follow these do it yourself french manicure instructions!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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