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Photos of In Season Fall Wedding Flowers

What is the best way to save money on your fall wedding flowers? Know what is in season of course! Here is a sampling of common flowers that you'll easily find in the autumn season. This is especially helpful if you are doing your own flowers, you'll need to know what to expect to find in the flower markets.

Here are several photos of beautiful fall season flowers:

  • Sunflowers - are cheap for centerpieces and bouquets because just a few sunflowers will go a long way. They come in various patterns and sizes but are all shades of yellows, browns and oranges. Here is a page of Sunflower Centerpieces - Fall Wedding Flowers that focus on sunflowers.

    sunflower bouquet

  • Black-Eyed Susan - Similar in color to sunflowers are black-eyed susans. A cheap flower that lasts a long time when cut. Read our Tips to Make Your Fall Wedding Flowers Last Longer if you will be working with your own arrangements.

  • black-eyed susan

  • Chrysanthemum - These come in a variety of warm colors (pink, white, reds, oranges) and last a very long time in water. They have woody stems that are best crushed before placing in water.

  • pink chrysanthemum

    yellow chrysanthemum

    magenta chrysanthemum

  • Hydrangea - Grows in a variety of pale colors such as white, blues, purples and pinks. White has been a very popular fall wedding flower choice for many years.

  • hydrangea fall flowers

    pink hydrangea flowers

  • Scabious - A lovely delicate light purple flower that goes nicely with lavendar flowers.

  • purple scabious

  • Dahlia - Available in red, white, pink, yellow and orange. These fall wedding flowers last a long time in water and are easy for the DIYer to work with.

  • dahlia fall flowers

  • Gladioli - This flower comes in reds, pinks, oranges.

  • gladioli flower

  • Cyclamen - Works best for a wedding as a growing flower in soil, not a cut flower.

  • cyclamen flowers

    Of course roses are always available thanks to their popularity so you could always simply focus on roses and select a few of these as accents.

    It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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