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Ideas for Do It Yourself Fall Wedding Favors

These do it yourself fall wedding favors are perfect if your wedding is in the autumn months. Autumn ceremonies bring to mind the time of the harvest, pumpkins, colorful leaves, wheat, fields, nature and a time of giving thanks. These adorable favors are a way to give thanks to your guests for celebrating with you!

Many of these ideas for fall wedding favors can be adapted for other times of the year. If you are having a fall themed wedding don't miss our Fall Wedding Ideas page for tons of do it yourself projects that are perfect for autumn.

Do It Yourself Fall Wedding Favor Ideas:

fall wedding favors
Maple Leaf Candy - These adorable maple leaves are melt in your mouth sugar candies that are made from real maple syrup. They are generally sold in large packages of 50 or more so you can buy in bulk and then separate them into your own favor containers. Just three maple leaves is enough for a small parcel in tissue paper or in a satin pouch as shown. They are tasty too, I put them in my tea. Other fall themed candies (little sugar pumpkins!) would be cute too.

Maple Syrup Bottles - Similar to the maple candies above, you can buy bulk maple syrup and then fill smaller glass bottles with syrup. Add a custom tag with a ribbon and you'll have lovely and unique favors!

Leaf Anything - Favors shaped like leaves are in general perfect for fall. Leaf magnets, leaf key chains, leaf soaps, candles with leaves, tiny bottles shaped like leaves and more. Look around in stores and think outside the "wedding industry box" for cheap leaf items that could be favors.

pumpkin favors
Gourds & Pumpkins - Especially if your theme is fall, giving small gourds or tiny pumpkins as favors is a cheap and decorative way to say thanks. These tiny favors can usually be purchased for around 3 for $1 so your favors will be cheap! Tie a ribbon around them and add your wedding date and your name and perhaps a quote. Gourds could also be used as place setting holders or simply arranged in baskets as shown.

Flower Bulbs - Flower bulbs are planted in the fall, making them a wonderful choice as a favor. Be sure to include a tag with planting instructions and a photo of the flower or plant it will become makes it more decorative.

Enjoy finding your perfect fall wedding favors!

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What favors will you make for your wedding?
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It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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