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Eco Friendly Wedding Favors...with Upcycled Paper Towel Rolls!

Handmade eco friendly wedding favors are fun. Check out this mini-notebook idea using paper towel rolls! Create adorable and functional mini-notebook (aka matchbook notebook) favors. Yes, that is right, using good old paper towel rolls. If you plan to do this project, put the word out to friends and family and have them save them for you. You'll have oodles of free raw material to upcycle in no time!

eco friendly wedding-favor-idea

Instructions for the eco-friendly mini-notebook favors:

For each paper towel roll, you'll get three, 3" wide mini-notebook favor covers. Flatten the rolls, measure and cut. Then cut along the fold line on one side.

eco friendly wedding favors 1 eco friendly wedding favors2

Measure your scrap paper to be about 3" by 2" to fit in side the covers. I collect scrap paper throughout the year and cut it using a rotary paper cutter. Use plain or decorative papers, even grocery bags.

Put inside under the tiny flap and staple in place.

eco friendly wedding favors 3 eco friendly wedding favors 4

If you don't want the staples showing on the outside of your wedding favor, simply stape the inside bundle of paper and then glue it inside the paper towel roll holder.

eco friendly wedding favors 8 eco friendly wedding favors 9

The construction is done! Now time to decorate and personalize your eco friendly wedding favors!

eco friendly wedding favors 5 eco friendly wedding favors 6

Stamps are just about the easiest way to decorate these and if you select non-toxic inks it will still have a very low footprint. The tree stamp below was a design we had drawn and then had turned into a stamp while the owl stamp was one that we carved ourselves! Letter stamps for names and dates can be found at just about any crafting store.

eco friendly wedding favors 7 eco friendly wedding favors 10

For a related project, see our Paper Towel Roll Seed Packet Wedding Favors tutorial!

Plus, here are more ideas for eco friendly wedding favors!

eco friendly wedding-favors

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It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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