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Dogs in Weddings - Tips and Thoughts to Consider

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Who really is your best friend? A college buddy? Perhaps your brother or cousin? A business partner? I don’t think so. Man’s best friend is the dog! Your loyal companion, he knows all of your secrets and he promises not to tell. He stays by your side when you are sick. He growls at your old girlfriends. He lets you know when someone is at the door. He is a great fishing buddy if you can ignore the bite marks.

Now that you know who your REAL best friend is, shouldn't he be attending the most special day of your life? Yes, of course, your dog should be included in the wedding ceremony. If not as the best man, then he should at least be sitting in the front row, so you two can exchange glances and nods of approval.

Let’s think about having dogs in weddings. Will he behave himself? He can’t be barking and jumping on the guests. The wedding guests have spent a lot of time fixing themselves up in their tuxedos and glamorous dresses. Your best friend needs to have manners. He needs to keep all four paws on the floor, and his wet nose to himself.

If your best friend is the kind of dog who enjoys the attention and the company of others, then he will make the perfect best man. What does the best man need? A dog tuxedo!Yes, that’s right; there are all kinds of wedding outfits made just for dogs! It doesn't really matter what size he is, he needs to be dressed for the occasion. If everyone else is dressed in a tuxedo then your dog needs one too.

What if he refuses to wear dog clothes? Well, it is a wedding so being naked wouldn't be appropriate. He needs his own dog wedding attire. It could be something as simple as a dog tie. Are there ties available for dogs? Sure, plain ties or satin ties, a dog necktie might just be the perfect accessory. There are dog bow ties too. It adds just the right touch, and it says, “I belong at the wedding, too.”

Dogs are a BIG part our lives and they should be included in our BIG moments. Wouldn’t it be great to look through your wedding album after a couple years and remember how wonderful it was to have your best friend by your side? Your furry best friend? Man's best friend? Your dog!

Linda Beckemeyer is the owner of which provides Dog Wedding Outfits and Dog Tuxedos to Man's best friend.

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