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Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations

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I love do it yourself wedding decorations, a place where you can really add details and let your personalities shine. They are the little touches (or really BIG touches too) that really transform your ceremony or reception venue into something that is distinctly your wedding and nobody elses. They set the tone and ambiance of the space and it is something you will remember long after the day is over.

Obviously, the first thing people often think about are the tables, since people generally sit right down at them after the ceremony as they arrive at the reception. I have an entire section devoted just to DIY wedding centerpieces so if that is what you are really need ideas for, then head there first since I couldn't fit it all over here.

This section is more about the rest of the stuff. Flower (and non-floral) arrangements that aren't on the guest tables. Decorations on the walls. Hanging from the ceiling. Little touches you can add to the bathrooms even or the backs of chairs. These are all the projects that don't really fall under any specific category other than that they make your space beautiful.

Do it yourself wedding decorations ideas:

How about starting with the door to your ceremony or reception location? A diy wedding wreath might is a cheap way to decorate a large door, especially if you use cardboard as the base like we did.

wedding aisle runner
What about the aisle floor? From laying down a trail of petals, lavendar or leaves to creating your own DIY monogram aisle runner there are a number of unique things you can do to add interest to this space. Many brides love the idea of lining the aisle with candles. While this is beautiful, I'd advise to use flameless candles for this purpose!

For the backs of chairs or hanging from the ceiling, wedding rose garland decorations are delicate and versatile while tissue paper flowers can be made large to fill space. Both offer lots of color options. Plus, they are cheap and fun to make!

Making your own shell garland for a beach themed wedding is another cute and simple idea. And this easy DIY paper garland will work for any fun reception as it is quick to make and cheap too.

If you can't use nails or even tape and the walls of your venue are quite plain, this garden trellis wall decor project is perfect for you! Strung with twinkle lights and it will absolutely transform a space at night too.

fall leaves plate charger
Although I mentioned centerpieces already and have an entire section devoted to it, there are other details you can add to your reception tables other than flowers! Things like making your own plate chargers to go underneath each place setting or just under a centerpiece in the middle of the table. They also work great to add interest to buffet tables.

Handmade napkin rings are another detail you can add quite easily and while that particular project shows a new sew one with fabric, and even easier version is to just tie a ribbon around your napkins and tuck a flower or a sprig of herbs under it.

If you are having reserved or assigned seating, then these easy DIY place card holder ideas might be of interest too. Printed to compliment your color scheme, they will add a little personalized decoration.

Keep one thing in mind when it comes to your do it yourself wedding decorations: you can do it the way you want to. If you want to have black lights and fluorescent paints on everything then go ahead. The rules of weddings have changed. You don't have to stick to tulle and roses for your decorations anymore. Be unique. Be yourselves.

And have fun!

PS - I have tons more ideas that you might enjoy in the DIY Wedding Receptions section!

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