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DIY Wedding Place Cards: Lollipop Flags!

It is fun to get creative with your DIY wedding place cards. There is no reason they have to be the plain old folded small piece of paper unless your wedding is very formal. If you are interested in DIY details you probably are going for something a little more unique, like these lollipop flag place cards that actually double as favors!

diy wedding place cards

The idea is simple, you put a lollipop upside down and attach a flag on the top that has each guest's name and their table number. I picked Tootsie Roll Pops because they are classic and remind me of my childhood. They are also fairly stable on their own upside down, while a flat lollipop wouldn't stay upright. TIP: If you don't like the classic wrapper of whatever candy you pick, just wrap some decorative paper or tissue paper right on top of it to match your color scheme!

For my flags, I used a P-touch by Brother. These have come a long, long way since those old punch style ones way back when. You can purchase different colored ribbons (like pink or metallic gold or in our case lime green) and different models have different options for fonts and designs. The particular one I'm using is from the "Simply Stylish" line. Why use a P-touch? Because it is easy, the flags are the perfect size (no trimming!) and it looks professional. For each one I pushed the "feed" button to spit out some extra blank tape and then printed my flag. this allowed me to simply remove the sticker back and press it together around the lollipop stem. You can print about 50 favor "flags" with one roll of the tape.

diy lollipop place cards

You can make simple holders for your lollipop diy wedding place cards with a simple strip of paper. Cut a slit in each end and combine them together. Perfect little stands for your flags!

place card holders diy place card holders

And alternative display idea is to use an egg carton! It is the perfect size and shape to hold your lollipops upright. Remove the top and front flap and it will be ready. If you don't like the natural color, spray paint it white or whatever color you like.

candy diy wedding place cards

You'll notice I cut circles with a circle punch to lay in each egg cup. Alternatively, you could lay a little tissue paper inside. How about sand for a beach wedding? Many of ways to alter an egg carton. You could even cut each "cup" out individually to make little holders.

place cards diy

I hope you enjoyed this diy wedding place cards project with lollipop flags! Have fun!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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