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DIY Rhinestone Wedding Shoes

These DIY rhinestone wedding shoes are an easy way to give your shoes a boost from plain to unique! The following tutorial was submitted by Anna, one of our readers!

I've seen a lot of brides decorating their bridal shoes with rhinestones, and I couldn't help myself from doing another DIY project! I didn't want to attempt doing it freehand, but didn't know any real method, so I came up with my own technique, and it worked beautifully!

There are a few different options for things you could design...the words "I Do," the initials of the bride, the new initials of the bride, the initials of the couple, a simple design like a heart or dove, etc.

I decided I wanted to do "A" and "A"--one for me (Anna) and the other "A" for my future husband (Andre).

rhinestone wedding shoe template

First, I printed an "A" in a few of my favorite fonts on regular printer paper. I cut them into little squares and decided on which font I liked best.

do it yourself wedding shoes

Then, I printed out different sizes of the chosen font to see what would be the best fit.

rhinestone wedding shoes

Next, I taped the square onto the shoe and used a safety pin to poke holes to trace the letter onto the rubber sole.

punch rhinestone pattern

Once I peeled the paper template off and there was a nice faint outline of the letter from the punches.

add rhinestones to shoes

Finally, I traced a little part of the outline with some type of adhesive. I'm sure glue would work just fine, but I didn't have any glue that would dry clear so I just used clear nail polish (and the rhinestones really stay on strong!). I took some tweezers and one by one put the little lilac rhinestones on along the glue line.

rhinestone bridal shoes

I followed nearly the whole outline...I decided not to do the little loopy thing at the end because I wanted to hang on to a few extra rhinestones just in case a couple fall out before the wedding (since we still have 5 months to go and a few more fittings).

finished rhinestone wedding shoes

diy rhinestone wedding shoes

I like them the way my rhinestone wedding shoes turned out, but still might finish that little loop at the end. If not, the pin pricks don't show up...only at a certain angle in the light.

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!

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