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Disposable Wedding Cameras

Disposable wedding cameras at receptions are a fun way to involve your guests and get free photography! Well, okay, you do have to buy the cameras and pay for developing the film so it isn't exactly free.

You can place just one disposable camera per table, or scatter a few. You can make a little sign or tag for the cameras that explains to the guests to take photos. Most people have their guests either leave the cameras at the table, or provide a designated basket somewhere near the exit for them to drop the used cameras into.

You aren't stuck with the standard orange Kodak or green Fuji cameras anymore either. Many companies sell disposable "wedding" cameras that are packaged in white, gold, silver and other they won't be eyesores on your tables. You can even get personalized cameras with your names printed on them if you have the budget for it...but keep in mind it is a disposable camera. On the other hand, if you find that the non-wedding cameras are cheaper, by all means, get those if they work for you!

Make sure to buy your cameras no more than a couple months in advance if you need a flash for the photography! The flash battery on disposable cameras doesn't last forever, so make sure you test a couple beforehand...otherwise the photos won't turn out and you'll have wasted your money.

Some of the most hilarious (and embarrassing) photos will come from the disposable wedding camera batch. Don't be disappointed if you get a lot of drunken photos of guests and only a few of you. This isn't the place for breathtaking bridal photography. I've found that people tend to take a lot of photos of each other at the tables-which is why just one or two cameras per table is usually enough. These photos are still fun and precious though! You won't be able to be everywhere at once, so these will allow you a glimpse of the celebrating that went on in other parts of the room.

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