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Destination Wedding Invites - Bottle Wedding Invites

DIY destination wedding invites are usually easy to pull off. Why? Because most of the time, a destination wedding will have a much smaller guest list than a traditional wedding at home. Smaller guest list means you can get fancy - and this includes creating bottle wedding invites!

Now I wouldn't suggest DIY bottle wedding invites if your guest list is huge. The postage will be high and the sheer cost of all those little bottles and boxes (not to mention the time it takes to put them together) might be too big of a headache for you. However, if your guest list is on the small side then these destination wedding invites might be perfect for you, especially if your destination is somewhere beachy or on an island.

destination wedding invites diy destination wedding invites

See the pretty blue box above? It was just a plain old cardboard box! Simply paint it any color or colors you like with good old watercolor paint. Mixed with water, it creates a light wash of color, perfect to give a beachy vibe.

The RSVP postcard that is already stamped is wrapped around the outside of the bottle - not part of the message inside. This makes is much easier for your guests to actually mail the postcard. If it was all curled up it would be annoying for them and also might run into problems in the mail system. Best to keep your RSVP postcard outside of your rolled up message.

bottle wedding invites diy bottle wedding invites

Now this next tip is a must! Put a string around your message before your roll it up and have this string come outside of the bottle. This way your guests can just pull the string and get the message out easily. Otherwise it will be nearly impossible to get the rolled up invite out. You can either wrap a string all the way around it like this one, or you could punch a small hole and just have it through the top part.

Add a bit of sand and tiny, tiny shells to set the mood too!

Hope you got some ideas from these destination wedding invites for your own planning!

Happy planning!

It's your wedding, do it the way you want!


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